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  1. My property was repossessed Nov 2013 sold May 2014. The Mortgage was paid and some profit paid towards three secured loans. This left a shortfall on the three secured loans. Now 8 years 6 months later the Mortgage Company has sent two letters no info of the shortfall tried to phone me. I only know of the shortfall after I requested all the information held about the sale of the property etc. In July2014. The Company did place a default on my credit file from March 2014 until March 2021 but this was not showing on my file until August 2020 through Transunion and the amount wasn't the shortfall amount. The statements of accounts show that the interest was written off At the Courts they asked for an money order to be restored at Liberty. Does this mean this will never be Statute Barred under the 12 year rule? I'm not in a better position financially and still have unsecured debt being paid a token £1.00 a month. I rent through a Social Landlord my husband has Mental health problems and suffered a major heart attack that has left him with a damaged heart and on 6meds a day with serious Heart disease that came to light. I presume I just wait to see if a Court Document arrives and then put in a defence.
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