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  1. I was just about to put momentary lapse of concentration. What should I put down? I've got this so far... I apologise for wasting the courts time and I apologise for the wrong I have done. This has been a wake up call for me and as I drive for work I've promised myself I will never do anything like this again because without my license I cannot provide for my family.
  2. Yes I've been filling that out although because my wage isn't fixed I'm not sure what to put, I can earn anything from £400 to £900 a week depending on the work I do, how would I work this out? From last years p60? I've also been writing a month next to each thing so for example it asks how much I spend on fuel I wrote £400 a month as I'm unsure on whether it's asking for weekly or monthly. I'm assuming the more money you put down for things like smoking, drinking, clothes, entertainment etc the more they will see you have money to spend?
  3. OK thanks I won't bother contacting him then. I've ticked the box plead guity but attend court, should I have ticked plead guity and not attend? Also in the mitigation box should I write anything in there?
  4. Do you really think I should not bother with a solicitor? I've ticked the box to attend to court so I'd be turning up by myself. Would a solicitor not help in any way? I'd be clueless on what to say I've never been in court before. The solicitor did mention that the officer or whoever could try make things worse for me by saying different things for example could of harmed a pedestrian. Also I was hoping a solicitor could help me from getting a ban? The fine isn't what worries me nor the points, just the ban.
  5. Managed to get in touch with a solicitor. Mentioned that someone with a dash cam sent footage to police and he tutted and said some people are very sad who has the time and day to do that. I asked if he could support my case and he said yes, told me to fill out the paperwork and put plead guity but attend court and then let him know when I receive the court date.
  6. I've tried 3 all are saying the same thing. They've all got my email address and will email me when they can. Think I'll just plead guitly and not attend court got me round the twist this.
  7. I rang solicitors they won't talk to me I have to pay £180 and make an appointment. I've only got 10 days left. I mentioned about the inconsiderate driving charge thing and they said inconsiderate driving and careless driving are the same thing.
  8. Yes there were cars to my right waiting at the lights. No car started driving from any direction though, I know it's still an offence. If I get a ban I'll lose my job as I use a work van. I won't be able to pay my mortgage etc. Would I be able to plead hardship? I was on holiday when this letter was sent out to me so its been about 10 days now as i only got back on Saturday. I'm going to ring a solicitor after work today.
  9. Honeybee13. Yes a lane for each direction. I crossed over to the other lane to overtake but no cars would be using the lane I went into as it was on red for all other directions. It stays red on other sides because If someone turns right at the junction they have to cross over the road. As I was going through the red light I think the other directions were still on red, if not then I know no cars were near me or had to brake/change directions as they were still stationary until I reached the other side.
  10. Here's a better quality photo of the junction. pdf_converter_202206275701.pdf
  11. BazzaS. No one had to slow down or speed up, I was in no ones way. The other car you can just see is the car that went through the green light before the car in front braked for the orange light. I wasn't anywhere near that car, I didn't get close to it. Its one of those traffic lights where it changes quickly and because I actually live there I'm used to people rushing through them and that's what I was doing. The car in front kind of put their brakes on hard as soon as the orange light came on and stupidly I quickly went round him. There was no cars moving at any other direction as the lights hadn't changed at their side from what I remember. I'm certain no cars had to slow down or speed up though and the car in front of me was already braking to a stop. Just had another look at the photo. You can see two cars turning left and one turning right. Those are the two cars that went through the green light before the one in front of me braked for the orange light
  12. Would I be better off paying a solicitor? Man in the middle. The person who sent their dash cam footage was the car behind me and he left a description of what he saw. The charge is inconsiderate driving and the proof is the dash cam footage. I haven't seen the footage myself but have been sent bad quality photos printed on a letter.
  13. I made a post a couple of days ago but I didn't really provide much information so I've made a new post. I've uploaded a few screenshots of the papers I've been sent. There is two photos that I've been sent which are bad quality, I've edited my car out in blue. This is my version of what happened. I came to a set of traffic lights which was on green, the car in front braked (hard, not that it matters) as the lights started to change to orange and at that moment I quickly overtook the car in front just as the light turned red . I did go on the opposite side of the road obviously to pass the car in front but on the video it looks like I'm on the wrong side for longer than I should be, but when you turn right at these traffic lights, you do have to cross over slightly if that makes sense. I was in the wrong but if I'm banned I will lose my house as I need to drive for work and I have a 3 year old child. I've been very worried for what the outcome will be for months and I've encountered depression like never before. My main question is should I pay a solicitor (qouted £680) or should I plead guity and go to court/not attend court? Your advice is most appreciated, thank you. I've uploaded photos of the letters I've received and images of the dash cam footage I was sent although they are bad quality and I've edited my car in blue. pdf_converter_202206263440.pdf
  14. I was approaching the T junction where there are traffic lights the car in front braked on a orange light I overtook them turned right at junction on doing that the lights had gone to red the car behind me captured it on dash-cam and reported it to police
  15. The charge was overtaking at a red light and going through on red someone reported it by dash-cam footage My main concern is if I get a ban this would mean I have no way to get to work and I have a child and a mortgage
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