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  1. Not listed on 192 and the original agreement pre-dates this phone number. They're all dodgy! Didn't know you can get phone number from credit report - thanks. SB letters sent earlier this week, 2nd class with proof of postage I sent one letter for each debt to Capquest, and for good measure, sent a copy of each to Resolvecall for their respective involvement in aforementioned debts, where necessary. With copies of respective original junk mail stapled to the letters. That way, even the simplest of DCA minds should have no excuse but to get the picture. Resolvecall coming to my house and knocking and banging aggressively like movie cops with a search warrant, was not appreciated.
  2. I am now getting texts from Resolvecall. How would they even get my number? Capquest never had it as far as I'm aware. They've always just sent letters that I subsequently ignored... They've been blocked and reported as spam, but I am annoyed that they got my number somehow.
  3. Hi, Capquest have been chasing me for several years regarding debt from 2009, defaulted Circa 2010. The debts in question were bought from Lloyds (Loan) and Orange telecoms. I have treated Resolvecall as irrelevant since Capquest recently threatened me with them. Doorknockers don't bother me, and I'm certain no payments have been made in far greater than 6 years. However, my memory is a little bit shaky regarding any written comms I might have sent to DCA over the years and to who. I am 95% certain that no contact has been made, as most of my letters from DCAs from my old life go into the shredder without response. Do I use a SAR to Arrow to be certain before sending them SB notices? If so, is SAR acknowledgement of any debt?
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