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  1. Sorry.. lot of acronyms to digest. Ok I'll send to both .. Sar to pp.. ok thanks. What is a ctax bill copy?
  2. Hi, thanks for that. I've checked out the post. Download of the pap form failed but that may be because I'm on my phone so I'll try that again when I get home. I'm still a little confused.. forgive my ignorance.. I think I get the pap section.. which box to tick etc. However, do I send csa along with the reply form to the solicitors? Also it mentions something about sending a csa to the debt purchaser? I'm assuming that would be Lowell?
  3. So should I send SAR to Lowell? Regarding the letter of claim from Overdales I'm inclined to dispute the debt.. well certainly the amount.. and ask for all the documentation they have. Would that be a wise move?
  4. i dont have access anymore. date of letter of claim from overdales was 16th june
  5. I used to pay monthly through their website. Never had a DD far as I can remember. I'm not with the same bank anymore but I might still have statements.. ill dig them out and see what was on them ok.. only found one statement i still have from the relevant time frame. on the statement it just says payplan.com? i hope they did actually pass these payments on to the creditors?...
  6. the IVA company was Payplan? im pretty sure those two debts were part of the IVA. yes they were asking that i pay off the shortfall, which was about 450. i recall they were trying to get me to pay it all in one payment.. which of course there was no way i could do. i was working only part time and looking after my mother, which i still do. digressing slightly.. the Vanquis credit card had an original limit of 500 which they increased pretty quickly over time to 2500 without ever asking me if i wanted it. also the last balance on the Vanquis credit card was 2100 or thereabouts.. i dont know where the figure of 3300 has come from..
  7. hi.. i uploaded the form as ive never seen one before and i dont know what the best way to proceed is? i didnt know you had seen them before.. this is my first time here and i have no experience of dealing with this particular situation.. the last payment i made was on 10/11/16 and the last contact i had with them was on 19/12/16. it was the last year of the arrangement and i had accrued some arrears which they were putting enormous pressure on me to pay off but i just didnt have the means to do it. I had sent them all the documents they required (P60, payslips, expenditure etc) but they just seemed not to want to find a solution. I certainly didnt stop paying them. There were odd months where i couldn't pay all that they wanted so i accrued the arrears which was around £450. The very last email i had from them asked for an arrears solution. I replied to them immediately and never heard from them again. I suspect the arrangement was failed but i have no confirmation of that. I do remember at the time there was talk of IVA companies failing arrangements in the final year of the arrangement but i cant remember the reasons for this
  8. the last contact i had with the IVA management company was in December 2016. The last time i used/paid the credit directly would have been 2012/13 . If there was a default notice.. and i cant remember if there was, i guess there must have been.. it would have been around that time 2012/13. is there any way i can find out for sure? incidentally just received a second letter from Lowell regarding the Creation Finance debt offering a 50% discount off the bat. I have attached a copy of the reply form from Overdales as i am unsure of how to proceed with this and reluctant to sign anything. any help/advice would be fantastic. I have also attached a scan of my adverse events page from my credit report.. do you know why none of the above appears on my credit report? Thank you so much for your help.. .. had to attach further files separately merged.pdf
  9. Thanks for replying.. yes i have moved a couple times since then. i was on an IVA back in the day for these debts and was paying that for some time but i havent had any contact with the company managing the IVA for almost six years. So i should fill in the 'Reply Form'? And sign it? Im not sure how i should fill it in there are several optional boxes.. Sorry.. what does hit it and follow box 2 mean? im new here.. .. I read somewhere here about debts being 'statute barred' what does that mean?
  10. Dear CAG Community, I started to receive letters from a company called Lowell about 6 to 8 months ago claiming they needed to reach me concerning 'a personal matter'? There was nothing in the letters explaining what this matter was so i ignored them assuming it was some form of phishing expedition or something of that nature. At the time i had a lot on my plate, my father had died and my mother was ill.. id just lost my dog, work was troublesome, money was short etc etc. It was an easy thing to ignore those letters. want to keep this short so i will fast forward to a letter i subsequently received from Overdales Solicitors stating thay had been instructed by Lowell Portfolio Ltd to recover the following debt... £3138.59 on a Vanquis credit card i had back in 2011. I panicked to be honest as i had totally forgotten about this and wrote to them asking for specific details. I then received a letter of claim several days ago saying i have 30 days to avoid a County Court Claim with a 'Reply Form' attached which apparently i have to fill in and sign? I dithered over what i should do and then i found this website and im hoping someone can give me some advice. What should i do? Subsequent to the above i received another letter from Lowell a few days ago concerning another debt with Creation Finance from 2009! I should say that i have looked at my credit file (Experian) and there is nothing on there about any debts. No GAIN records either. Nothing at all. This is really stressing me out so any help or advice.. i will be very grateful.. thank you
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