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  1. ah right ok. It's been a bit confusing, Moorcroft and Hoist very much seem to want to be seen as separate but from the letters I have received they seem much the same. I'm not entirely sure who owns the debt at this point as Hoist and Moorcroft take it in turns to send me letters. I'll see what happens in July and post here if anything new comes up. Thanks again!
  2. And just ignore the crap they send as it's baseless and unenforceable (ie they need a CCA to get a CCJ)?
  3. Ok, but surely it is not statute barred until end of October? Or is it automatically statue barred because they cant find the CCA? Doesn't that just mean it's "unenforceable" Thanks again
  4. Hi Thanks for the reply. Yes I had a bit of a episode last year and I decided to "sort my life out" , so all my old debts I began contacting and trying to sort out. I had another one outstanding but Lowell couldn't get the CCA for that and then wrote it off and it was removed from my credit report. This is the last one left now. Last time I checked my Experian report it had a default date of 28/10/2016, after that it is statute barred yes? I have not made any payments since around March of 2016 (approx 6 months before the default date - I assume that's how they have set the default). After the date of 9/7/2022, I expect Moorcroft to send a request for payment? Should I reply to that with a letter basically asking again "where is my CCA?" Thanks
  5. Hi all, I have some past debts which I am currently trying to get in order. Fortunately I managed to get one wiped off as they could not find the CCA. But onto this one - Currently the Debt is with Hoist finance at £11582. It was originally a Barclaycard credit card which was taken out in 2004. It went into default in October 2016 so the 6 year enforcement period ends in 4 months. They have sent letters via Moorcroft asking for the debt to be repaid so i sent a CCA request to Moorcroft/Hoist in March time. Both replied with we are looking into it etc etc. Well the first reply since then Moorcroft have sent me a letter saying "Our client has provided the statements requested please find them enclosed" But I requested the CCA and all they have sent is, as far as i can see, a statement of the account. Several pages of charges but no agreement or anything. Obviously I don't want to attach these here but as far as I can tell they are in no way a CCA. They have said the debt is on hold until 9/7/2022. Do i just write back saying that isnt a CCA and i want the debt wiped off? Please advise Thanks
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