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  1. Thanks Dx, I notice you were concerns with the nationwide 20k loan in the post you linked there? what are your concerns on this?
  2. wont the OC all have valid credit agreements? or are you assuming they will just be sent on to DCAs at some point. Dx said OCs don't do court or CCJ? are you of a different view?
  3. Will just paying a £1 and not writing to them be much different? I assume it is to try to stall interest why you write but they dont have to accept that request anyhow I think 6 months delay in statute is a price i would be willing to pay in order to get my preparations and affairs in order. I just need to finally decide what I am going to do, dunno what is up with me lately I am really struggling with biting the bullet and moving forward with something. I think the debt depression is really setting in
  4. oh believe me, whoever wants to be educated on getting into debt trouble I have a PHD in it. My advice to any youngster and ill be teaching my kid this is, to forget about credit cards and loans just dont bother with them. Unfortunately society spends billions on turning people into mindless consumers. thanks for the detailed response, my question regarding sending token payments is, is it really worth it? from what I am reading your file is pretty trashed for 6 years anyhow? I guess the only thing it does is delay any enforcement for a while. Which would benefit me. My potential plan is to fight away any CCJ if I can and not let any judgements happen at all, I just do not know how feasible that is. I guess ill find out if I decide to pull the plug. I dont know why I am addicted to my credit file being clean. I have just signed a 5 year mortgage term so effectively I have no business with credit and credit files for at least 5 years anyhow. Just still feels crappy having to potentially screw up my file and my partners
  5. no, sorry - the 22k was a revised offer which offered a lower monthly payment than the original loan which gave us some breathing space in terms of cash flow i would rather focus on how problematic the amount is and the issues i will face if i decide to go down the dmp route
  6. no this forms part of the 90k total debt - its a big one that just makes me think i am going to be hunted down on aggressively on.
  7. thanks Dx, one of the debts is a £22k loan taken out this year - should this be a concern?
  8. Thanks Dx, really useful I would have assumed I will have a huge target on my back for being a homeowner with equity. the 6 months came from 3 months to get a default then a few months of DCAs threatening legal action and then receiving a court letter. I read somewhere (might even be on here) that these days they are likely to provide documents now easier and dont have to be originals so they can get debts enforced in the courts a lot easier than they used to? is this the case from your experience? or is this another theory that is really not right? sorry for the all the questions I am just really trying to get as informed as I can be before I go with whatever I decide.
  9. I know i am worrying about certain things. I am concerned after 6 months i am going to be dealing with 12 court letters and not being able to prevent the CCJ on me and little negotiation power, just trying to figure out what course of action i am to take I guess what I am asking is not the default as such, but once a default is done if the DCA will aggressively shove a CCJ process on me within a month of default. I know I had a family member have debts that never even went to CCJ potential and it just dropped off but he had no asset
  10. Yep i am trying to read into a lot of things on the forum as and when I can. Just getting concerned with 12 accounts being defaulted so that is 12 potential court claims to have to deal with etc... it sounds as if I am in no worse or better position than a person with no assets then? I just figured they maybe more aggressive by nature of common sense if they see you own a house with equity in it?
  11. ok thank guys, so you do not think they will come after me any differently than a renter / someone with no asset in terms of timings and court orders? My first port of call would be to avoid obtaining CCJ at all costs really but i just dont know what DCAs can enforce these days and how easily they can force them? What are my chances of also being able to settle for reduced amounts? or once DCAs are involved is this a terrible idea? sorry just trying to explore every worse case option for me The charging order education regarding the restriction is such a relief I cannot thank you enough already. I am terrified of losing my home
  12. Hi Andy, thank you - only linked via the mortgage - each debt is single debt to each individual
  13. hi Dx100uk, Thanks for the quick response. No failed payments yet so all with OC and not DCA. The property is Joint owned with my and my partner. debt are loans and credit cards equating to around £90k in total debt of unsecured borrowing. Are you aware of people who are homeowners being chased more harshly and potential court proceedings being issued much faster?
  14. Hi All, I am just after some general wisdom for now. I have been searching through the site but still unsure as a homeowner what the result and affect would be if I defaulted on my unsecured debt. I know about Charging orders and that they can apply for one once they obtain a CCJ but once my credit file is screwed up I will be reluctant to be paying DCAs who are just trying to take advantage of the situation. My question is - due to being a homeowner with equity in the house, how aggressive will the DCAs be toward me and how fast will they be willing to get my backside in court to slam a CCJ and charging order on me? is it any different to someone who has no home? any help would be greatly appreciated as I am exploring my options out.
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