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  1. I am filling the reply form pap (not theirs) and wondering what to write in the dispute (box D) ? As for the cap1 , yes its still under capital one and not dca so will update the address with them.
  2. @unclebulgaria67 Yes i have Lowell Telecom default on my credit record. I forgot to add that ccscollect.co.uk had the debt for few months before Lowell. The amount to pay for ccscollect was 452.63£. I also have Capital one default on credit record (my mom took out this credit card in my name while i was abroad without me knowing and didnt pay it back - it was 200£ credit card) but no letters yet. Yes i plan to work in UK and build my credit score next year. I am currently studying in different country. @dx100uk thanks, will do
  3. Hi Can anyone advise me on this please. In 2019 i took out mobile phone contract from Vodafone for 24months (Iphone + simcard), roughly 6 months before the contract was supposed to end i went abroad and they started charging me way more because i used the data in different country i stopped paying it because money got really tight. It got to around £400. First Lowell was sending letters to pay them for almost a year and i was ignoring it now i received letter from Overdales Solicitors stating i have 30 days to pay them to avoid County Court Claim. Is it safe to ignore it or whats the best course of action to take. Picture of the letter attached. Thank you 1.pdf 2.pdf
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