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  1. Hi there. I finally have a response from Erudio regarding my complaint about this. I included scans of my completed deferment forms for this year and last year but they are saying they won’t accept them and that the debt is now with Capquest. I had a missed call from Capquest this evening (ignored it and blocked the number). They want me to set up a payment plan. Erudio say this is their final correspondence on the matter. I know not to engage with Capquest thanks to your advice but I wonder what your advice is for next steps with Erudio. Is this when I go to the financial ombudsman? Thanks so much.
  2. Thank you. You’re an excellent and wonderful person. I’ll update this as things happen. I’m so glad I found you.
  3. Thank you. So far I’ve maintained that I did defer and I have copies of all my deferments at least back to 2011. I’ve only missed this one year.
  4. Thank you. I took out student loans in 96-98 with the student loans company. I’ve been deferring ever since as I’ve always been under the earning threshold. This was changed to Erudio at some point but I never really took much notice of it. Only now am I finding out what an awful awful thing this was, I wish I had questioned it at the time. Today I received 3 notices of sums of arrears. I was completely shocked but also certain this was a mistake as I was sure I had deferred last year. As it turns out, it’s entirely possible that I didn’t defer but I cannot be sure because I am now locked out of my online account. they have already given my loans to Capquest although they have not notified me of this at all and I’ve received no communication from Capquest. I called Erudio, because of course, I thought this was definitely a mistake. The first person, abrupt and rude and said they couldn’t talk to me and I had to phone Capquest. I phone Capquest, holding for 30 mins before they tell me I can’t hold any longer and they’ll get the loans specialist to call me. Nothing so far. So I called Erudio back to hopefully get more information from a more helpful person. Went through it all with her. She said they have no record of a deferment for last year. My account was terminated in November 2021 and it was passed to Capquest on 6 June 22 (with no notice to me obviously). It’s hard to be too brief with this but I’ll try. I moved back to the U.K. in June 2020, I was 5 months pregnant. I was in temporary accommodation until September 2021 when I finally got social housing. At this point my baby was just about to turn 1. So it had been a reasonably stressful time with pandemic pregnancy and being a single mother. I finally thought to update my postal address with Erudio on Feb 22 (apparently, again I can’t check this as I’m locked out of the account). My email and phone number have remained the same this whole time. Even when overseas I was on my U.K. phone number. Erudio say that they sent everything to me by post, notice to defer etc to my old overseas address. I had a redirection set up but nothing came through obviously. But I cannot prove not receiving letters and they say, of course, that’s it my responsibility to keep on top of the account. I can accept that to a degree, but man, the last 2 years have been TOUGH and though I’ve coped pretty well, if this is the only ball I’ve dropped then I’m actually amazed. Unfortunately, it’s most definitely the most expensive and traumatic one. At the same time, I feel like Erudio had ample opportunity to contact me to let me know the account was ‘in arrears’ and according to CAB website, they should have notified me before passing it to Capquest anyway. At this point, they have admitted they have had my current address for 4-5 months. I had been expecting to receive a deferment notice for this year but instead I apparently have a £9000 debt and a loan default. Last year I was still on maternity leave so definitely ok to defer, this year I am on universal credit with only sporadic work available due to lack of available childcare. this has knocked me for 6 today and having done some googling, I’m finding similar stories. Especially amongst people who are very close to their loans being written off. Also on this website I discovered that Erudio and Capquest are effectively the same company, which was eye opening. I hope that’s enough and not too much information. I just want Erudio to take back the loan and let me have my deferments. It’s highly unlikely that I’ll be earning above the threshold before the loans reach 25 years. But if I can’t prove that I applied for one last year, what can I even do about it? I’ve already emailed the [email protected] email but not sure wher to go with this. Thanks so much for this website. Fingers crossed you may have some advice for me. I feel awful.
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