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  1. Hi, it's more about having a clean slate for me I am trying to get my first house, The debt is with santander for £650, this is from August 2018, maybe it does not show on my report and that's why it says there's nothing on there but it's still money I owe, I would of thought it would have defaulted on my score and would show that I have not paid it back I believe my account a £600 overdraft what cause the debt. This debt is only 4 years old.
  2. Hi my bank was overdrawn about 4 years ago now, I received a letter from wescot today, I don't want debt dragging along as I can afford to pay them off now I want to clear my name and get on with building my score, can anyone help me find my register? Or would I need to call cab? Thanks
  3. Hi all, I have been to numerous websites to find my credit score, I've filled in my derails but nobody seems to know I exist! I am 25 now and from the age of 16 I had an account with santander, when I was 21 my account went Into default and I never paid the £700 it was overdrawn by, I have signed up on the electoral roll and still nothing! Can someone please help me! I have lived in numerous places over the previous years and I have added all known addresses. I wanted to get my debt settled and sort out my credit score but I can't as nobody hassles me for debt and I don't seem to be on the system! Thank you
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