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  1. @dx100uk I’ve had the result on the search for title deeds through. The defendant is not the only name on the title, also his wife’s. Thats a dead end alley to go down then I presume, thanks for the good suggestion however
  2. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. HCEO are aware of his business now being at an office centre only. They haven’t attended there as yet. Very good suggestion re LAND Registry My plan is to await the letter from County Court with written confirmation, I have notified HCEO that I shall forward this to them. As far as value of car currently, with mot expired and issues with engine that is not an option to sell the vehicle. Thanks again gents
  3. Thanks stu007, it’s not a dealership as such but it’s called Smethwick Trade Centre Ltd in Birmingham. I forgot to mention that I haven’t as yet received the written judgement from the court, they say it is currently taking 19 days to issue. The Judge said he will make the order that payment must be made in 7 days. The claim is for the original purchase price. The bailiffs have added their fee making the total amount £4141.85 The claim is against Smethwick Trade Centre Ltd and also the director Saleem Ahmed. Both were named on all documentation
  4. Good day gentlemen, forgive me if I’m posting my question in the wrong area as I’m new to this. Brief background , I purchased a second hand car from a used car dealer in December 2019 that subsequently developed a fault within 6 days and having driven it twice. On contacting the seller he continually fobbed me off and shirking responsibility. I felt I had no option other than small claims court. I was given judgement in my favour for the full amount claimed. This was very early 2020 pre pandemic. I heard nothing from him and I escalated the case to High Court Enforcement. Due to the pandemic, they were unable to visit him at his home address until late 2021. His lease had expired at his premises and he had vacated it. The officers attended his home address twice and they had no reply. There were 4 cars at the property but none were a match with his name. He applied to have a stay of writ and finally the case came to court again May 2022. I attended, he did not but had a solicitors agent representing him. The judge found in my favour and was ordered payment in my favour. His solicitor and the judge requested my bank details. He contacted me last week by phone saying he had no money as no one is buying cars due to high fuel prices. My question is, where do I go from here. It seems to me having paid and instructed High Court bailiffs they’re toothless in this case. Apologies for the long post. Any and all advice gratefully received. Incidentally , the car is a Mercedes cabriolet been untouched in my locked garage for 2 and a half years. Was it all worth it I ask myself
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