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  1. Thank you very much. yes I already saw a few posts regarding similar situations. I understand it’s probably not a great idea to go to the shop thinking to make it right even though in principal comes natural to think it’s correct thing doing but it runs the risk of being wrongly interpreted. my only concern is , what are these new incredibly advanced cameras now at self checkout which roumors now say they do the whole thing identifying you , counting scans , grabbing your card details , flagging automatically , essentially auto preparing all that no security operator would have ever done before by manually go through cctv recording ? Do you know what latest technology I’m taking about ? Please can you tell me if recently something changed in the law and the way these things have been ruled out ? I fear this is something very new or probably it’s just roumors. thanks , T
  2. Hello, It happened to me recently to decide not to scan some items at Waitrose self checkout which it now equipped with advanced technology to check each single scan and transaction. I feel extremely sorry for my act and thought to go back to the shop , explain and pay for what I’ve stolen alongside with my most sincere apologies. Beside regret I’m also worried that they may have already started investigating on me, going through cctv recordings, contacting Police and take whatever legal action against me and jeopardise my whole life in so many ways. I noticed that they have significantly incremented cctv security and they have possibly recorded in great details (with this new camera where I can see myself in the monitor too) installed right at self checkout which can no doubt prove exactly what I’ve done. This happened to me because I’ve been going through a severe depression and this wrong act is affecting me even more and I’m now terrified warned myself that I need to discuss things both of myself and the consequences. I’m discussing this with a doctor but the doctor is not also a lawyer so I’m really really grateful for your help , and I promise I’ll also take care to update this post in the future to thank you and hejp the others. This illegal act of mine is not the kind of things I’d normally do but lately it happened 2-3 times and now the new camera in a way helped me realise that this is so wrong doing and it’s not something that should be taken lightly with myself. I regret it and learned the lesson for good as I won’t even dare thinking I’ll ever do anything similar again. Going to the shop and clear that with them seems to me the right thing to do however I’m scared to death that they may not understand my genuine regret and may actually take advantage to identify me and report me to the police alongside with any possible evidence they will find in the cctv recordings in the past few months. My car number plate was definitely visible by their cameras and so it’s so easy for them to know exactly all they need to know. can you please advice what is best doing and what legal consequences I will face if I will or won’t go back to the shop ? thanks a lot in advance, T
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