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  1. Hi BankFodder, My Skeleton argument. I've included the judgement by Deputy District Judge Le Bas. One question under ''List of Reasons of Why the Defendant’s Insurance Requirements Are Unfair'' (point 26) - what should I include here? Thanks again. EVRI SKELETON PDF.pdf
  2. Thanks again BankFodder - will update my documents this w/end and should be ready to send once I've indexed everything as recommended.
  3. Hi, I'm due to send all documents to the courts and to Parcel2Go by August. I've got all the correspondence together - emails, chats etc. Below is my Skeleton Argument which I copied from one of the previous cases on the forum. I've printed off the relevant sections of the Consumer Rights Act 2015 as well to go with it. In terms of the witness statement - is there a format to follow. I've tried searching for one in previous chats but have had no luck. I've read to just follow P2G defence!? Thanks again. EVRI SKELETON.docx
  4. Hi all, Unfortunately I was offered a mediation date and time I couldn't make and was not offered and alternative date. So heading to court. Yesterday I received the standard court order which I will research on here what to do now. I just wanted to flag up an issue - the Party is in my son's name as he's only 16 yrs I've been doing it all and will be the one to attend court. Will that be a problem? I intend to notify the courts asap. Thanks
  5. By switching the contents of parcels, Evri delivery driver was caught'stealing Nike trainers.' - Techno Trenz TECHNOTRENZ.COM When they followed an Evri driver's van after receiving the wrong trainers, they caught him allegedly stealing packages by switching what was inside the
  6. HI All, Just a quick update to above. I rejected their goodwill gesture for half the value of the goods. They have posted their defence (attached) and suggested the mediation service. Which I will accept but will be sticking to my guns as per other threads on here. Dear Mr Claim number: Parcel2Go has rejected your claim. They’ve suggested you both use the free mediation service. You need to respond to their suggestion before 4pm on 25 July 2022. Claim P2G Defence.pdf
  7. Yes, my claim was against P2G. My initial claim was based on the forums here. So will dig out the ones re ignoring their goodwill gesture. Will post their defence when received. Thanks for your help.
  8. Hi Bankfodder, Cleaner copy of my claim form attached. No other docs received since the goodwill gesture. Thanks Claim Parcel2Go.pdf
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