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  1. Thank you for this detailed advice, it's really helpful and I will act on it. I will carefully put this together over the weekend. I will update you when I have the outcome. Thanks again for your time, advice and support
  2. Thank you for your advice and support. I will put together everything for the FOS and will inform you of the outcome. All the best for now
  3. Yes, that's correct. I sent off both deferment applications at the same time at the end of last summer, one to Honours, one to Erudio. The Honours one came back accepted, whilst Erudio said the application was missing information (it wasn't). I resent another copy of my deferment application to Erudio and they did not process it. The rest is in the letter I uploaded. Many thanks for your support
  4. Once you've had time to read the response from Erudio, would you advise me as to whether or not I should go ahead with the FOS referral, or another course of action. Thanks in advance - much appreciated
  5. Thanks for your reply, here is a copy of the letter I have received. Any advice greatly appreciated Erudio response Aug 22.pdf
  6. Update to my original post; This week I have received a response to my complaint from Erudio. It is a long winded letter but they acknowledge my two key points 1. That I dispute the termination of the account and 2. That I believe Erudio failed to process two deferment applications. They state: Following my investigation, I can confirm that your complaint has been partially upheld however, there are aspects with which I am unable to agree. They go on to say that I may not have been contacted following receipt of my second deferment application and for this they will forward a cheque for £50 as compensation. They do not agree that Erudio failed to process the deferment applications and support the termination of account. I know I submitted the deferment applications correctly, I've been doing it for years but they are saying I did not. My other loans (SLC) were successfully deferred last Autumn. My intention now is to present my case to the FOS. Any thoughts or advice given this latest development would be greatly appreciated Many thanks
  7. There is no hard copy, it is only an electronic communication via text.
  8. Quick question in relation to my previous post; Yesterday I received another text message notifying me that a letter is waiting for me. I received the first message this way last Thursday and opened it (Capquest). This time my intention is not to open it or view it. Is this an acceptable means for Erudio/Capquest to contact me? Thanks in advance
  9. Thank you for the swift response and encouragement. I will add to this post as soon as I have new information
  10. During the late 90s I took out four student loans, having never earned enough to begin repayment I always defer. Three of the loans are managed by Honours Student Loans whilst the remaining loan was sold to Erudio Student Loans. I will turn 50 in less than a year and was expecting the loans to be written off. Last year (Aug/Sep 21) I submitted applications to defer to both Honours & Erudio (as I have for many years). The Honours deferment was confirmed by the SLC during the first week of September 21. Erudio sent a reply saying that information was ‘missing’ from my deferment application. I reprinted my complete application and posted it to Erudio (I still have the certificate of posting). They continued to send letters stating information was missing from the deferment application. In October arrears were then added to my account and this continued monthly. In Dec they issued a NoSiA letter followed two days later with a default notice. In January 22 Erudio issued a ‘Termination letter’. In May 22 they sent me a ‘notice of sums in arrears’ for the full loan amount. For a variety of reasons, I have buried my head in the sand with this situation but now need to deal with it. I don’t know why my deferment applications were not processed; they were complete with all requested evidence (I have never earned enough to start repayment). After reading many relevant posts on CAG I have now: - Submitted an original SLC deferment application dated retrospectively for last Aug/Sep together with a letter of complaint stating that I do not accept that my loan is terminated etc. Update to my previous post. Forgot to say that three days ago I received a text message which linked to a letter from CAPQUEST which states that they are now managing the account. Finding this very stressful - any help/advice greatly appreciated Please advise If there is any further action you would recommend at this time. Thanks in advance for any guidance
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