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  1. She’s already reported it to the police and got a CR number but they said they can’t really do anything as they don’t seem to be able to understand the docs that she handed over. As Dx said, prob just put that on the back burner and try and sort out TMB repo order. I sent her that link over. I also advised her to get a free half hour with sols so she needs to focus on that. Told her to phone CAB if she can’t speak to a Sols tomorrow. Makes me curious as to what he spent the money on!
  2. So would it be an idea to get her to ask for sight of the Deed of Guarantee and Indemnity referred to in the restriction. Would it be best to go straight to Richards Solicitors and ask for this? With regards to Ascent, this is the first she knew about the repo, so can assume that he’s kept this from her. Do you think if she pays the arrears in full that they will stop it? As she wants to sell to break ties anyway, the only things I am concerned about if the repo goes ahead is the effect on her credit rating and the fact that they would sell for less than it’s worth. Would it be wise for her to contact them directly and explain the situation? No she didn’t sign anything. I can see from the signatures that it’s his writing on her signature.
  3. Borrow up to £100,000 | Cubefunder Business Finance WWW.CUBEFUNDER.COM Cubefunder offers business loans of between £5,000 - £100,000 with repayments tailored to your cashflow... This is where Glen Courtney works but this appears to the same trading address as Tallaght. The Solicitors are Richards Sols (Alasdair Begbie) and I will attach the document where her signature was forged. Although I notice on the bottom line, it only mentions her ex and not her and perhaps this would explain why the extra loan is not showing on her credit report? Re the arrears on the Mortgage:- She’s today received a letter from Ascent Legal (One St Peter’s Sq, Manchester) dated 08/06 and they have sent a Notice of Execution of Possession Order. She has told me should could pay the arrears off by borrowing some money from family and would have done this before had she have been aware of the outstanding. info.docx
  4. Dx, I have found out a bit more today. Tallaght Finance is the £90k loan apparently. This is not showing on her Clearscore though at all. Not sure at this stage if this is a remortgage rather than a PL. She tried to call them and they would not give her any info. She told me it was taken out in Jan 20 as the guy who bought the debt from Tallaght gave her some copy docs. This included her ex’s Experian file which weirdly I could not see either of their TMB mortgages on but she assures me are both joint as are the land registry docs for both houses. I also saw the document where her signature is clearly forged by her ex and that mentions a charge to the property. That’s what made me think possible remortgage or perhaps secured loan? The guy who purchased the loan has offered to accept £30k. Glen Courtney is the name of the shark guy who has purchased the debt. There are two mortgages in total on two props with The Mortgage Business. She has been paying the smaller one and the other was his responsibility to pay. He was self employed so told her that TMB had agreed for him to pay a lower amount on the larger mortgage through Covid due to his income being affected. Turns out this was not agreed with them. From Clearscore, this mortgage seems to have not been paid since Feb 20 and shows in default on her Clearscore. They claim to have written to her but as he moved out, she thinks it’s possible he’s intercepted these letter via post redirection but he denies this as she knew nothing about these arrears. So it is actually TMB who have put in the repossession order due to the default on the mortgage. Today I drafted two SAR letters, one to TMB and one to Tallaght to get access to what they have and see if that can shed any further light on it.t She was already preparing to sell the house anyway which I think had about 200k equity in it so that would totally repay the larger mortgage in full and leave her with some money to move into her other property and pay down that mortgage a bit. Bad situation but it seems to me that if she can stop the repo order and sell the house quickly, this would be the best outcome for her. They are not divorced yet… So, not an ex-husband (in the eyes of the law!), separated at best, if “not divorced yet”.
  5. My friend has just discovered that her ex husband has taken out a joint loan in her name and his and has forged her signature in order to do so. He hasn’t made any repayments to the large borrowing and he’s now declared bankruptcy and the finance company have sold the debt on and she is being perused for the money. A repossession order has been placed on the house which she lives with their children and of which she holds equity. I am going to try and help her with this, please can anyone offer any guidance? My first thing I was going to do was report with action fraud, then review her credit report on Credit Karma or similar to see if there is anything else of concern. Then I was thinking of getting her to send the original finance letter a Prove It letter. Does this sound sensible? I will be able to get more info off her when I see her but just trying to sort out some sort of plan.
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