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  1. sorry, I haven’t signed in this forum since last time, because nothing happened after that, I have nothing to update, will update no matter bad or good news come
  2. Thank you for asking ,she replied the email, but nothing come back at all.
  3. Hi Guys, May I ask is there any confirmation or automatically reply from TFL for receiving the response email to them? my friend has sent to the email address they provided in the letter, but no confirmation or automatically reply which can confirm they have received.
  4. Hi Guys, one more question please! Do you guys think whether she should attach some oyster top up receipts, annual ticket she used before, or bank cards usage for Transport? I know that also would give more information of travel pattern , so don’t know which is bigger? Advantage or disadvantage to give them?
  5. in the letter ,Nothing special, just said you are reported to TFL for an offence on the TFL Public Transport net work. legal proceeding maybe taken against you . 1.you can accept committing an offence , providing any exceptional reason Why TFL should not proceed with a prosecution, 2.you can deny , say why with evidence, 3. if this is in relation to a ticket irregularity, then if you were unable to produce a pass because you did not have it with you or if your pass was withdrawn because you were unable to produce a vaild photocard to accompany it ,please enclose a photocopy of the pass/PHOTO CARD with your reply. accutally , I dont know what's the meanning of the third one.
  6. Does anybody know who successfully got OOC or something even better from TFL? when I check the cases on this forum, most haven't given the outcome. I only found one , pregant single teacher, and the inspector hasnt got her pass. by the way, Should my friend say something to explain the incident ? or just say sorry ,not to mention the detail of the incident?
  7. not since the incident,the oyster card was bought before ,and used all the time
  8. Do you think she should mention her annual travel card she used before pandemic or the Oyster card she used after pandemic to seek for OOC and reduce the punishment, or stick to the principle of do not tell more unless they have already known?
  9. Thank you so much for your advice. May I confirm that you mean she need to correct the name and DOB to TFL, am I right? You mentioned they will look at her pattern of journey across all the card she uses, but they didn't ask for any other detail of other card of her, can they find out? Because some of the oyster cards are anonymous.
  10. Thank you for your reply. My Main concern is whether TFl will contact me or fine me or prosecute me for giving the pass to others if my friend never mentioned me to the staff? But they have got my parent’s freedom pass, they can find my address and Email address in the pass if they read it by the machine, because I applied for my parent with my email when he lived with me. And could they prosecute my friend if they spell the wrong first name?( but Just one extra letter) And she gave a different DOB to the staff when she got caught, And should she correct the name when she reply to TFL?
  11. Not me, my friend borrowed my parents for her parent to use, as my parent has left UK, I gave it to her. Because her parent is over 65 too, I thought it is OK. But after her parent left, she sometimes used her own, sometimes the freedom pass, maybe more than 10 times in total. By the way, I will retype in a new thread for clear view of others.
  12. No,my parent is no longer in UK, who is the real holder of the freedom pass card. Yes, I write it by myself, English is not my 1st language. Let me try to make it more clear. Any body knows how to edit my 1st topic context please?
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