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  1. It's just standard one that lots of people seem to have got. They're trying to find someone and think the addressee might have information. I'm just worried that if I make contact and say the addressee has never lived here, they might start hounding me instead. The person they have written to, and the person I think they might be looking for, don't even live in this country, but if I tell them this I'm worried they might start hounding me instead. For now I've written on the envelope to return to sender, and that this person has never lived here.
  2. Hi, I've had a look through other threads about letters from Connex but couldn't find one that answered my question. I had a letter delivered from Connex today. The usual one. But it's addressed to someone who has never lived at my address. I do know who they are though, and they are connected to someone that I WAS connected to at one time. So I have a good idea who they are trying to trace, although it doesn't name anyone in the letter. And yes, I know I shouldn't have read the letter, but it was unsealed when it arrived, so the temptation was too great. Do I ignore it, return it "not known at this address" or what? Is this person using my address, because why would they think they lived here? I'm wary of telling them that I do know the person, but also wary of ignoring it and dealing with bailiffs etc. I've already been through that with the person I think they are looking for, but it was a very long time ago and I was hoping that part of my life was behind me. So...bin it, return it or what?
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