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  1. Yep, the link in your post works for me! Read at relevant notes extracted. Excellent. Thanks!
  2. Thanks to everyone concerned for this success and reference. Is there a way to look up the official judgement or view the court transcript? Thanks
  3. @BankFodderThanks. Yep I’ll do the reading, I can’t see the link on your last post though, it’s just a blank square… could you please post it again? Thanks
  4. Thanks everyone. Yes I have it in writing from the council that it is public highway… it was obvious it is public highway and I spoke with a council traffic warden who confirmed it was as well, but I made a FOI request to the council to get it in writing. Yes what they have done is extremely naughty and completely unacceptable.
  5. Andyorch is exactly right, I’ve re-checked the N157 @BankFodder Bundles is 5 working days pre hearing and exchange of statements/evidence is 14 days pre hearing.
  6. Bundles much be lodged not less than 2 working days before the hearing, and not less than 5 working days before a final hearing. I guess this is the only, so final, hearing? So that will be a deadline of late September. Yes I’ve read a lot of the cases and have seen all the excellent help you have given and your note on the protected and non protected services being indistinguishable, and that it is of course unfair for the consumer to be expected to take out insurance against the negligence and/or criminality of the service provider’s employees. Initially I thought that it was much more simple, ie that the CRA requires the service to be carried out with care/skill and losing the item is obviously careless and unskillful.
  7. Of course. Thanks! It will take a while for me to do the pdf’s but in the meantime: Court date is set for October 2022 at my local Court Vs Parcel2Go.Com I sent some steel hardware, worth £105, correctly declared value. No insurance was purchased as I rely on my rights granted by the CRA 2015 for the service to be performed with reasonable care and skill Parcel confirmed lost by parcel2go (not reasonable care or skill!), they offered the usual £20, £50 goodwill BS etc. Thanks everyone
  8. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 says the service must be carried out with reasonable care and skill. Losing your parcel is not that, so they owe you the value of your loss.
  9. I was issued a PCN by a private parking firm, although I was actually parked on PUBLIC highway adjacent to their land. The council have subsequently confirmed that where I was parked is definitely public land and they had no right to issue any PCN. Park Watch obtained my personal data from DVLA, claiming I was parked on their private land which again is FALSE. They sent several letters and demands to my address. They then passed my data to Gladstones Solicitors who also sent several threatening letters. I have received a total of 9 so far and I am absolutely sick of it. The initial PCN and all of these following letters have genuinely caused myself and my family significant distress. I have researched and found that this is undoubtedly a breach of data regulations as Park Watch have knowingly made a FALSE claim to obtain my data from DVLA, and have then used my data to try and extort money for a charge/contract that never existed as I did not enter their private land. I say knowingly because it is absolutely clear as to where their land begins and I was not on it. I believe this makes the severity of their behaviour worse. I have emailed them with my concerns and they have said it is entirely Gladstones issue and responsibility and I must contact them. I disagree as it is Park Watch who falsely obtained and misused my data. I plan on taking action to obtain damages for the distress that this breach has caused, but I am unsure of what a fair amount should be and I’d really appreciate some help with working this out and how I should go about it. I will keep this thread updated in the hope that someone in a similar situation may be able to reference it for help in the future. Thanks for everything you guys do!
  10. Hi dx100uk I haven’t named them as the email containing the above quote said the information was for the recipient only, I don’t want to breach any privacy rules or anything (excuse me if I’m wrong on that!). Its one of the usual culprits.
  11. Hi all. Fantastic forum. Thank you for helping so many people. I have read and learned so much from this forum. I am currently involved in a small claim vs a parcel company, after they lost my parcel. The usual goodwill offers of less than the value were made, and the usual “you didn’t insure it” excuse too as per almost all of the cases on here… My case has proceeded to having a court date set and I’ve been continuously attempting to resolve prior as expected by the procedure guidance. The company are not accepting my argument of lack of the reasonable care required by the Consumer Rights Act 2015 and have stated the following: ”We have, and I quote, information directly from a judge on a previous matter which was taken to Court - The Defendants business model is one used by many courier companies, and the parcel protection offered to Claimants make it possible for the business to remain competitive and commercially viable.” Now… I am utterly sure if this indeed was from a judge, it is a very select, incomplete and biased snippet, but I cannot find any related court cases at all... Does anyone know of any? I plan on continuing to try and resolve and I will be going to court if necessary. I will of course update this thread accordingly for reference.
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