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  1. Thanks unclebulgaria67, I already have an official complaint in with SLC for not correctly sharing my info with Erudio, it's been 5 days so i'm expecting a reply soon. I'll see what the outcome is before I raise one with Erudio. But will get the SAR request sent ASAP
  2. Hi here's a quick question which may result in a not so quick one later!! I sent my deferment to SLC along with 3 x payslips last month. They wrote back to me on the 12th of May saying I had supplied insufficient information. I sent the same 3 x payslips along with my P60 and on the 22nd they accepted my deferment. I now have a dispute with Erudio who have terminated my agreement because they are saying my deferment was late. How can i find out that SLC did receive my payslips and choose not to accept them (for the first time in 24 years) or will they just say I didn't send them. Should I send a SAR request or just call them and ask? Also whats the best way to get a copy of my original terms and conditions Thanks in advance
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