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  1. Honeybee I’m happy to update the thread after a few months if everything is ok. I hope you’re right and that the reason they’re not back is because no news is good news. Dx I know reason says that but when you’re in the moment and scared it’s hard to think straight I really hope you’re right but I’ll probably still be anxious for a while
  2. Thank you both for the responses. I have read similar posts here but I haven’t seen any with later updates about what happened months later, if they were prosecuted or not and that’s why I’m very stressed. If they did indeed decide to look into old cctv it would take them months I suppose to file charges hence my worry. I also read local newspapers online about people being sent to prison for shoplifting insignificant amounts of goods and that doesn’t help.
  3. Hello, I feel very embarrassed to admit I got caught stealing groceries under £40 worth at Waitrose a month ago. Unfortunately I have done this a few times and the LP person that caught me remembered me from last time. I don’t know what is the matter with me, I’ve been very depressed and struggling with life for a while now and I honestly don’t recognise myself anymore. I’m not a criminal I haven’t done anything illegal or been arrested in the past but i feel I have been really out of control lately. Im not going to try and excuse myself what I did was incredibly stupid and wrong and if im charged my whole life is ruined, I’ll lose my job that I worked for for years to acquire and so much more. When they caught me, it was a month ago, they took me into a back office and took my photo and details although I didn’t have ID with Me I was too scared and gave my real name and address. They didn’t call the police then but gave me a paper saying im banned for life. And security escorted me out of the mall. For the past month I’ve been having terrible anxiety, nightmares can’t sleep and keep thinking they will come arrest me or send me a letter to go to the police. I keep thinking they will give me details to the police or look into cctv and see I have done it multiple times. They did not mention anything about cctv but they def have loads. They mostly mocked me for stealing and I know I deserve it. I’ve sworn on my life I’ll never steal anything again. I can’t believe what possessed me to ignore all the horrible consequences my actions could have. Could you please advise, how often are people arrested after being let go with a ban? I’ll be terrified for years dreading that if I let my guard down and think I’m safe it will happen one day and I’ll lose everything. Thank you.
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