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  1. Advice please, Received a letter yesterday from Capquest, regarding an old EGG credit card debt, this would have been from 2001/02 at the latest. Dryden Fairfax sent a couple of letters on their behalf chasing payment in 2019, the last one being in 2020, but nothing since (yeah I know I should have sorted it back then) They have now handed the claim over to Resolvecall. Resolvecall letter received today. My credit record is clear and no CCJ's show up on Trustonline. looking through the other forum posts I'm assuming if they had anything enforceable they would have done so by now? So my question is which is the best way forward, CCA letter or SB Letter? Debt is absolutely SB but I don't want to do the wrong thing. All advise welcome Many Thanks D.
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