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  1. Hi all, newbie here. I have had a letter from "Connex" a few months ago (asking if I could "help them find someone", very mysterious), looked it up, read comments here and ignored it. Then got a letter from Global Debt Recovery yesterday, asking me to contact them regarding "an account". I have had some cashflow probs in the past, this left me with various CC debts, and also had a period of being in nasty arrears with my mortgage (no arrears past 4 years however) I have been working through the Credit cards, now down to 2 outstandng debts (Tesco and Capquest), being sorted via the "snowball" method. Also, during the time I was in arrears with mortgage, I had 2 relatively small balances on a Visa and a Mastercard, both issued by Ulster Bank, which I stopped paying. I never got contacted by them more than a couple of times, and ended up kinda just ignoring them. I am unsure as to the exact date of my last payments to them, I think it may have been between 5 and 6 years ago. I understand its important to try to know this from a statute barring perspective. I looked up old bank statements. It isnt clear from the description, but it may be the last payment I made to them was Sept 2016 (however, quite uncertain of that) I checked my cred rating (via Checkmyfile) which showed only 1 of my outstanding credit card debts, the Tesco one. There was also no mention of the prev Ulster Bank cards I had. It DID show 2 other cards that have been paid off, (IDEM and Barclaycard) with accurate summaries. It also showed there had been 2 searches on my credit file, 1 in Oct 21 and most recently Feb 22. I have NOT made any applications for credit/loans etc for a number of years now. These were reported as being through "LexisNexis", does that make any sense to anyone? My query is twofold: Firstly, is it normal for the credit report to make NO mention of the Capquest data?? I have been in touch with Capquest occasionally, they seem happy with me and that I am paying down the debt steadily and made no comment on having sold the account on to a DCA. Also, no mention of the Ulster Bank accounts??? The Checkmyfile report shows as having checked with Equifax/Experian, Transunion Secondly, I figure the searches on my credit file may have been from GDR, not sure how likely that conclusion is... I am minded to send them a copy of the "prove my debt" letter, in an effort to see why they are sending me these letters? They are sending the letters to my old address (just moved away from there Feb 22). I am NOT going to give them my number, or call them myself. If I send them a letter, I will include my new address, as dont want debt letters going to my previous address So, sorry for the wordiness of my post, would greatly appreciate thoughts/advice from this undoubtedly wise and experienced group... Thanks in advance Vic (no, its not my real name )
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