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  1. So the time line would look like this. 1. Default. 2. Token £1 payments by standing order. 3. Sold or Letter before action received 4. Request CCA 5. Agree Pro rata payments on receipt if everything checks out. At the pro rata stage would you supply your own IE breakdown? Just planning ahead. Thanks again for your assistance
  2. Another brief update. Today I received a Default Notice from Novuna. They were quick but at least it will stop the amount increasing. It seems compliant has the latest notes on etc. Dated 28th July arrived 5th August, action required before the 18th. I'm assuming it's 3 working days for 2nd class post. Once it's defaulted should I write to them offering token payments or sit tight? Thanks in advance.
  3. Yes you are correct. I think they asked for previous employer, came to me while walking the dog. Why they are calling them is beyond me though?
  4. Just like to give a very brief update. Firstly Shawbrook are a persistent bunch over 5 letters and 16 calls none answered. Secondly Post Office (Bank of Ireland) have started ringing a company I used to work for over 3 years ago. I wouldn't have given them the number as I didn't work there when the loan was taken out. Really not happy about this at all as I never gave it them or told them I worked there. My friend forwarded a recording of it to me. I opened another bank account just to be safe. Neither NatWest or Coop would let me open one this was at the beginning. Luckily HSBC would not trouble at all. That's about it so far
  5. Hi, Yes they are every single one. I already have a backup account with Starling. Thanks
  6. Hi, Most of the loans were taken out during 2021. The Hitachi one was the start of this year 2022. Mbna 2017, Halifax 2019. Thanks Do just to confirm a few things :- 1. Don't speak to them on the phone. 2. Pretty much ignore letters. 3. Safety save everything in folders (I usually take photos and keep important letters). Especially official notices. 4. If I get a letter before action post it up. Would you then consider pro rata payments if it's a large amount and CCA is supplied or wait for PAP to be adhered too? My employment would not be affected by CCJ's luckily. Thanks again all for your help. I know it's a long road but I slept much better last night.
  7. Yes it's a big one. Luckily it's not secured. Would you let it default and see what the postman brings? Thanks for your advice Missing information as promised Credit cards MBNA £7000 Halifax £8000 PayPal credit £5000 Loans Nationwide £22000 Shawbrook £9000 Hitachi (Novuna) £6000 Post office (Bank of Ireland) £10000 Creative Finance (CURRYS) £4000 Sorry it's actually £71k I added wrong, good god.
  8. Great I will get that info on the thread tomorrow. Good to know I'm on the right track.
  9. Hi everyone, Firstly quick background I owe about £60k all in unsecured thankfully. The largest is to Nationwide £22k rest is split amongst various loans and credit cards. Halifax MBNA. Only one other is above £10k just. My fault entirely fantastic job changes to mediocre one. Trying to keep head above water and latest bill increases have caused me to take control of my past idiocy. Home is in joint names no loans on car. These accounts are all only a few years old all in my name. Am I right in thinking 1. Create a parachute bank account. 2. Allow the accounts to default. 3. Wait for them to be sold or legal action started. 4. Request the CCA's 5. Then decide payment plan etc if applicable. Do I only make contact if I receive a claim form etc. Do you then make payment arrangements etc if I feel it and they supply the CCA's? Thanks very much in advance
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