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  1. Good news. After not hearing back found they had a complaints procedure. Emailed and explained. Today had a phone call - huge apologies - services section of Evans Halshaw had billed for MOT on sale but never done it and salesman was absolutely mortified. So - full reimbursement of invoice for work + MOT.
  2. I have rang the garage every day this week, mostly not getting through just rings. I have left my contact details. Been fobbed off with that I need to speak to a manger who is always unavailable when I did get through. It is now booked in with a local garage for today as I cannot wait any longer to see if they offer the repair. I have to work. I am a bank nurse for NHS. I have 3 night shifts from tonight. If I don’t work I don’t get paid, and would financially be even worse off.
  3. Website states Prepared to the highest standards All of our used vehicles are inspected and prepared to one of two standards, Approved or Value, by fully trained technicians using our 123-point check. Every vehicle has a minimum of 6 months MOT remaining at the time of preparation and receives a full mechanical inspection.
  4. I have quite a long commute. So just short of 10,000 miles. Frustratingly I heard a noise from the front driver side over speed bumps within days of getting it. Mentioned it to my other-half who gave me an explanation that seemed reasonable at the time (he knows cars better than myself and I can be paranoid). Wish I’d just gone with my gut and investigated. Even just a 1 minute check they’d done the MOT at the time. 2 months.
  5. Hi, Bought a car from Evans Halshaw 6 months ago. At the time I was told the car needed an MOT soon and they would do this before I collected - so 12 months MOT. Went to check the MOT due to date recently and found it has not been done. Immediately put in for MOT to find it had a major fault with suspension requiring £240 worth work. And without a car for work for a week - normally I would plan the MOT to prevent time off. Evans Halshaw have a guarantee of at least 6 months MOT (was only 2 months). Garage says suspension has been worn for sometime. I have contacted Evans Halshaw twice to speak to them - I am waiting for a manger to get back to me. What should I do? I appreciate that has the new owner I should have checked this had been done and checked date of MOT. I failed here and feel embarrassed. So please, no judgement. I am also afraid that suggesting I did any driving without an MOT could make me liable for something and put me in a sticky situation.
  6. Thanks Obviously being an eBay item I have lots of photos. Plus took photos packaged prior to sealing box. It was just a private seller though for a second hand item, so I can see them trying to wriggle out of it. I will come back if it is disputed. Thanks
  7. Hi, sent an eBay item I had sold for £650 (a model car) with Evri via the broker Parcel compare. I took out insurance for the value. Now declared lost. It was an item I had bought second hand. But they refuse to process the claim without a receipt. I bought it from someone else second hand from Facebook marketplace for same amount of money, and I installed some extras which I have receipts for. The person on Facebook said he’d draft me up a quick backdated invoice. My worry is they will not accept the receipt. What is my legal entitlement to the money back. The model car sells for £1000+ brand new, and £1300 with the extras. Many thanks
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