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  1. Well done you! Love a happy ending, hope you enjoy and do well at the job.
  2. A sub job won’t show for a few months. I would test the water and suggest it comes back to him as a return as you were not aware of the issue when you bought it. guess it’s over to you how much you love the car. Time is of the essence though, longer you have it, harder it is to reject.
  3. Yes it should be a proper job, however garage Bodyshops can vary greatly from place to place. if it is too much the dealer may say to bring it to them to fix. Then you are into your big round trip. other thing is that your Hpi should match the V5. If it doesn’t you have recourse through who you got to do the Hpi- am guessing you did the Hpi and not taken it from the garage. RAC and AA Hpi are who I use and if they have an error- or outstanding finance etc then you are insured through them. I would ask the garage for a return if I were you. Few things don’t seem to tie up to me.
  4. They are dealers and you relied on their skills and expertise when choosing the vehicle. A poor hidden repair should have been noticed by them and if substandard, put right or pointed out. You as a layman would not be expected to have the relevant skills to notice it. a 2018 car should not be rusting, that in itself is proof of a defect. Are we talking main dealer or back street dealer?
  5. That’s the one, was hoping someone knew of a PDF online somewhere save risking the £102. fraudster has accessed my accounts and I don’t think that the banks followed process and did all they could. Potential brief of GDPR etc. am wanting to hold them to task on it. Also one of the banks was advised of the frauds but did not act which made matters worse.
  6. Would be interested to know the outcome of this. especially as using a personal phone can open up the issues of work calls/whatsapps when you are not being paid for work. Also if you are expected to use your phone whilst working as a driver then there should also be suitable training and risk assessment for you to undertake to ensure you are acting safely and legally whilst employed. If you are on min wage and you have to use your phone then you are now being paid UNDER minimum wage, that is a story in itself. If the phone is to be used for work purposes eg. to call if you are going to be late then it should be provided by the employer. Unless of course it is in your contract T&C that you must use your phone for "XYZ" then you have agreed to it. (this does not trump min wage though) If they can just "replace you with a weeks notice" are you classed as a contractor as opposed to an employee? A union, (I know this) will thump their fist and say that you must be paid however if the company you are working for is just scraping by and keeping you and your colleagues paid then it would be a bit of an own goal to cause them more cost. If you are comfortable with it and don't think that you will become a target, have a discreet chat at first, especially if you have a good relationship with them, amicable situations may be closer than you think. a good start is " a couple of the guys have been mentioning...."
  7. I would agree that it is worth a chat with ACAS as there are a lot of variables that will affect the output. If you are refused OT under one of the 9 protected characteristics, i.e. disadvantaging you because of your: age disability gender reassignment marriage and civil partnership pregnancy and maternity race religion or belief sex sexual orientation then this is not right. If you are being singled out as a higher member of the team doesn't like you for whatever reason, then this is bullying and again not right. they may be refusing for a number of valid reasons eg: The company may be doing it for your welfare- do they think you are stressed, taking too much on? They may not think your output justifies doing so many hours so can refuse. They may want to free up some OT hours so others can do a few. Loads of legal and fair reasoning why they are refusing so will be worth your while reflecting on it or give ACAS a nod.
  8. if it is 18.25k/52 weeks =£350.96 pw. /40= £8.77, /37.5= £9.36 If you eat on the go then it is 40 hours. If you take unpaid 30 mins as you are legally entitled to for shifts over 6 hours then it is 37.5 hours if a 5 day week. Either way of you are over 23 then it is below the min wage. you will get back the difference in any hours that you have worked since it came into effect. May be worth notifying them first as if it is a small company they may have just not realised. If you are stipulated to wear a certain type of clothes or buy anything that is needed for work then then this is also classed as a work expense and will put you under min wage - ask Ms Selfridges and several companies that don't provide uniforms but stipulate what you wear.
  9. hi, for the rust, VW has a 12 year guarantee. take it to a dealer to review it. if it is caused by a repair, then it is void. If you bought the car click and collect then you have a bit more protection on it but ultimately of you can prove the vehicle is not of fit purpose for the year and price you can have up to 6 moths to reject it. Garage gets one chance to rectify the issue. It is defiantly worth reading the consumer rights and also have a google for AA/which car rejections, it is all pretty straight forward. I am currently taking Cinch for a retro 10% refund on a vehicle that i bought from them as it had undisclosed issues on arrival.
  10. Hi i am looking at taking a bank to court and am checking if there are any documents on here that may help me. Ideally a PAS 17271 or code of practice taht i may have a look through. Am happy to keep the board up to date with how i am getting on in return.
  11. Hope this is the right section for this; Basically i was a victim of ID theft. The perp set up a clearscore account and Credibble account in my name. In effect, this opened the door to an Aladins cave of my financial details that allowed them to go hard on obtaining credit and bank account fraud. Does anyone know what i can do with the companies as they should have taken more care in letting someone access all my information when it is not me. thanks in advance if anyone ahs any ideas or regulations that i can look at.
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