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  1. Sincere thanks for this Mantis Shrimp. Generally, the transactions to this account are very low/limited in number and for very low values (just to cover DD's and save the admin of changing them) - hence my confusion. I will take your advice and will write to the Bank directly.
  2. I'm new to this forum and wonder if anyone can give me any guidance or advice please. I have banked with NatWest since 2012 for my Business and on 23rd March, they claim to have sent me a letter advising that after Reviewing my account, that they are no longer able to offer us banking services and that my account would be closed in 60 days from the date of the letter. I never received this letter. I have only found out today that my account is now inactive as some DD's have failed. Can anyone please advise me what I can do to understand their rationale for this decision? I have called them but they will not divulge any information over the telephone. Many thanks in advance.
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