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  1. Hiya, Yep so sorry about the drips, i didnt know how it worked when I sent out the posts in the begining that I was supposed to include everything. And to be honest there is just so much and it is such a complicated mess, if I had started typing it all it would have come out wrong. Should I try to start from the begining and go from there.. Is that best? I dont want to waste anyones time and there is alot more....
  2. Hi, If I sell the house and the cahrging order is removed, is the bank still able to come after the CCJ on the mortgae shortfall that is over 12 years old? Also Is there a cap on the amount of interest that can accrue, that they can recoup from me?
  3. Oh thanks again the advice on. I will try a seach engine as you advised! Oh yes thanks! I did make mention about the co owner twice not wanting to sell or trying to stop the sale in my post on Tuesday at 19.19 Its just such a difficult thing to talk about.. But you have given me answers that I have needed. But I understand what you mean. I will tell them everything about the inheritance/probate/will. Do I just continue to ask about inheritance as another post on this thread? Thanks again dx!
  4. Hi Can you point me in the right direction on the site, where is best to ask about wills, an unfillled probate on a dispersed estate. Im new to the site?
  5. Hi if I apply for a court to sell the house, how likely is it that it will be granted, will it take alot of money? The co owner has about 3 other houses they own to live in!! Oh yes the spidey senses are right but not a divorce, really didnt know where to start its such a nightmare! The house is co owned by a close relative. I had the house in my name for years even though we both paid for it. Then did the right thing and put in both names as I went overseas to live. When I left they changed the locks and the phone number, I havent had access to the house for over 12 years. So its all madness Im trying to sort out and to be I dont know where to begin! Honestly Ive been very ill and it took everything to get to this point where I can try to do something about it! I wouldnt mind but its just plain greed they own 3 other houses!!
  6. Hi, Any advice on how I can I force the sale of the property If the co owner does not agree to sell the property.
  7. Ok that’s a relief! Thanks! x Can the other owner stop the sale?
  8. The co owner may not want me to sell, so may try to notify the RBS so they come after me for tge money and stop the sale.. Can anything be done to sell without the co owners permission?
  9. I will have to give the option to buy the co owner, who may not agree with the sale, ive been locked out for 12 years. or can I force the sale through the court?
  10. Thanks I read the previous info. I am not sure if its a K restriction. There is also additions to the land registry at a later date: (11.2007) RESTRICTION: No disposition by a sole proprietor of the registered estate (except a trust corporation) under which capital money arises is to be registered unless authorised by an order of the court. (11.2007) The Transfer to the proprietor contains a covenant to observe and perform the covenants referred to in the Charges Register and of indemnity in respect thereof. Does this mean that I would be able to sell? What can I do? Typo, I mean: would not be able to sell?
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