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  1. Okey, will take everything on board. Thanks everyone for taking your time to reply. honestly much appreciated. sorry for hitting the quote, didn’t realise there was a reply bar, so many adverts on here it’s pushed the reply bar to the bottom of the page. thanks again
  2. I’ve learnt that they are breaching the General Data Protection Regulation 2018 .. surly they can be sued for holding my data without my consent, also If letters continue it would be classed as harassment?. Should I go after them for this breach of data they are storing on me without my consent, and complain to the ICO?
  3. Yes I did manage to read the judgment thankyou Yes and thank you for sending it. I will have to read it a few times to understand it fully as I have learning difficulties. Takes a few reads to absorb information. thank you Yes of course. and yes I’m on CCTV. So I understand that’s idiotic what I said before.
  4. Just to add - .. after I was caught on CCTV, and taken into a room to hand back the goods. . about three hours after the situation happened, because I felt so bad about what I did… I managed to collect money and I did return to primark offering to pay for the goods as I wanted to undo my mistake as I’ve never done such a thing before As I didn’t want karma coming back on me with force. I was told to leave and never come back and that RLP will deal with my case. Just putting that out there. I’m not a bad person. Just a stupid stupid mistake. No I didn’t, but I’m just saying - they don’t know that do they. So realistically they have no idea who lives at this house unless I confirm it. Anyone can fill in details of a fake address.
  5. Thank you for your message. If I simply ignore all letters, is it possible they could get a debt Collector to call at my home, or possible issue a court summons? I’m just wondering if anything like this can effect my credit rating… after reading a few things I understand that RLP are nothing more than a scam, as I’ve not signed any contract with them. they are a third party acting unlawfully without my consent. Which is also personal data breach so I’ve read. BUT have also read they follow through due to them always wanting the upper hand, so they push further and don’t leave you alone. But then again how can they even prove it was me personally.. I could have lost my ID card and someone else could have used it to forward details pretending to be me.
  6. Hi there, the link isn’t working. I’ve tried copying and pasting a few times now and it’s coming up as error page not found.. any of them help for the link would be great as I’m interested in reading what it is you have tired to send. thank you
  7. Thank you Andy. Shall await replies. much appreciated.
  8. Hi there, I need advice on what to do. I went into primark and stole a pair of £1 nickers, a £10 top and £3 shorts as I had no clothes to change into due to myself having an accident, I know it’s extremely stupid of me to do so but one was in desperate need of help and change of clothes, I know stealing isn’t the way and I totally regret but I needed to help myself in desperate need, I felt I had no other choice in such short time. I’ve never stolen in my life and of course I got caught on camera, the security men pulled me into a small room and told me to hand over the goods, which I did. Nothing was damaged, everything was in perfect condition, so they had no loss incurred… they said they are reporting me to civil recovery specialists and RLP will be in contact with me on how to pay for for costs incurred. RLP wrote to me saying the outstanding amount payable is £165.00 which is a fixed contribution to all of the losses, things like, the time spent by staff in observing, apprehending, interviewing, and undertaking all necessary internal and external proceedings thereafter. This doesnot include any amount for the property or cash as these were fully recovered. they go on to saying this is a civil claim and is separate from any criminal proceedings or police actions. Under civil procedure rule 1998 The court has power to impose sanctions on any party who fails to comply with the practice direction. I can’t afford to pay £165 … and b.coz all items were handed back in perfect conditions why is it I have to pay £165 when theoretically nothing was permanently taken… I’m absolutely gutted. Can I just ignore the letter or ? I don’t know what to do.. any advice would be much appreciated. thank you
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