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  1. Thanks guys. The reason for asking is that my brother is a EU citizen applying for a settled status and is worried this may hamper his application... I understand the response from HB and DX, and Greatly appreciate the time taken on a sunday to suggest actions....which is ignore and bin the letter. We will all be pretend we never got the letter. Thank you.
  2. Do dfw/rlp send this incident report to police and it gets stored in police DB. Thanks
  3. Certainly will recommend that.. I'm having a chat with him..telling him not to worry.. but..never let this happen again .. He understands the consequences if this happens again.
  4. Thanks. Yes, my brother is with me. Value of the smart shop un-scanned was about 20£. All was returned then and there.. unopened and very much resaleable. They said it was internal, took his ID details and that was end of it. He won't be going to Sainsbury at all maybe it be in our town or anywhere for that matter for a very long time. Neither do he and i wish to interact with DFW ..should we receive letters.
  5. Hi, my brother last week received a ban from Sainsbury for not paying for goods. No police was involved, and they took his ID and said it was internal and that he is not welcome in any of theirs and partner store. If he receives any dwf letters repeatedly, how he handle it. we had a tragedy in our family, being distracted and forgetting to pay is not an excuse, and regrets it. However the security guards don't seem to care as he didn't pay. im trying tell him not to worry. however, in many forums that I have read, states that we ignore these threats as they are testing and using scare tactics. Shall I just ignore these or shall I send them a letter stating " any liability to their client is denied and that we will not enter into any further correspondence". Then, am I giving them a reason to pursue more because I have responded? I Have also asked my brother not to go into any Sainsbury for a very long time. As mentioned, no police was involved and he was just escorted out of the store. Please advise a professional response on how to deal with this. We haven't received any letters yet and hoping there is a chance he won't get one...... One more clarification, if they keep sending letters, which we will ignore, but after the 4 or 5th letter, could we return the letter stating .."return to sender" or say "moved". This way, perhaps they will stop sending and move on.. What is ur advice? Also does DFW always send letters after such an incident? Or on occasion they ignore. Tank you. Any advice is helpful.
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