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  1. I have insured with this company for two years and within that time have had two problems ( last Year ) with repairing the same door on my Beko washing machine. On the 13 May this year yet again the door would not open on the machine after a wash, called the company and on the 16 May engineer came and said there was a fault with the lock. He came back on the 24 May and spent over an hour trying to repair the door then said it's faulty and I need a new door but he would recommend a new machine as it seems there's a fault with the doors. The next day I rang homeserve and was told an engineer would be calling on the 8 June to fit a new door, I wasn't pleased so I spoke to someone else who tried to sort this out as I care for my 89 year old mother who has many health issues so we need to wash 2 or 3 times a week, I pointed out that in my agreement it states that if a repair cannot be done within 21 days then a new appliance would be given. I was told yes this is the case but a manager would need to sign this off and they were in a meeting and someone would get back to me the same day. The next day when no phone call was received I contacted the company again and was told the complete opposite of what was said the day before and they pointed out that if the parts takes longer than 21 days then they don't have to give me a new washer because its out of their control. I'm disgusted by this response and told them so, as they have not taken into consideration that I care for my mother and this will be 26 days waiting from the day the machine door stopped working and I have no other means of washing my mothers clothes so its now just piling up with the bed linen. My understanding is if the parts take up to 6 weeks to arrive and are fitted then it's just tough as its not their fault so they don't have to replace the washer. Is this company even bothered about the vulnerable people who insure with them?
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