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  1. they sent another letter saying the agreed arrangement requires you to pay £110 pm with the first payment today if they arent received they have no alternative but to progress action for recovery of the debt which will include additional charges. Do I just ignore ignore ignore, no matter what letters they send or call and nothing bad will come of it? I feel like I have messed up by ringing and talking to them once when i first saw the letter in shock.
  2. Does it matter I rung them when i first saw it out of shock? Will they take me to court? Will they turn up at my door, how long until they give up and stop contacting me. Will anything be put against my name ? Sorry for so many questions
  3. ok thank you i have been refreshing this page for the past hour waiting lol. Thank you
  4. Hello, I did a adidas order around November 2021, returned it. Today I got a letter from DWF saying that I owe Adidas a lot of money for the returned goods, which I believe was either lost in transit or something. I am worried because I am only 19 and i’m not aware of all of this type of stuff. After I got the letter I rung them and asked about payments plans but haven’t set anything up I apparently owe them £400 Any advice on what to do what be greatly appreciated, do i pay? do i ignore them? I am only 19 and really worried about this Thank you.
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