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  1. I didn't know about this until last week, when they issued a court date. The incident happened in January and I was unaware of this, but my mum responded to them. She emailed them saying how it wasn't my fault, she's the one who told me to take the pass and to please let it go. I was only told last week, when we got a requisition to attend the magistrates court. I don't know where to go from here. I tried calling the solicitor named in the letter, but he told me to contact his team, as they are the ones dealing with it. He also told me that it would be unlikely to settle out of court as this is a criminal offence. But I don't really understand. Should I send them another begging email?
  2. SjP Court Summons - Mother's freedom pass +70 times **WON OOC after 2nd appeal** - Public transport (Trains, tubes and buses) - Consumer Action Group Congratulations! I am currently going through the same thing and hopefully they will agree to settle with me too. Can I ask what was your mitigating circumstances? Its just that when I called the solicitor on the court date letter to see if they will settle, he told me to call his team and that since it is a criminal conviction, they might not agree to settle. Any advice would be appreciated!
  3. I've heard that pleading guilty by post will lead to an automatic criminal conviction, so I don't know if thats your best bet.
  4. Hi, I'm 20 years old and tried applying for a Oyster card. However, there were problems with my application and it wasn't able to go through. Since I was starting college, I used my mums discounted Oyster card until I could sort it out. Through UCAS applications, job interview and exams, I didn't get much time to sort it out. I used the card around 40ish times to go to and from college. I got caught one day by the inspector, panicked and said I picked up the wrong card. He took away the card and took my details. I didn't know they sent a letter until months later with a court date. Apparently, my mom received the letter and tried to fix it herself and emailed them saying it was her fault. I was only told when I got the court date. I was just accepted to do nursing at university and said I didn't have any criminal convictions. I'm scared a conviction will affect my future prospects. I tried calling the solicitor named in the letter and ask him to settle when he informed me it was his team I needed to speak with and that settling might not be possible as it is a criminal conviction. But I don't understand how other people are able to settle but he's telling me I cannot. If I enter a guilty plea by post, do I get a automatic criminal conviction? Is there any way I can settle this outside of court? I really want to avoid a criminal conviction but I am also not financially stable to hire a solicitor. Any advice?
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