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  1. If you guys think it's unnecessary then it's fine. Thanks I have a feeling that they will not settle OOC. I don't really have any mitigating circumstances.
  2. I given my mothers address, which is my old address from maybe 7 years ago. I guess this does not matter as I have replied to the letter now as I didn't want any further problems. Please could you remove the letter as I have emailed it now. I will post again after everything is over.
  3. Hi- I would appreciate it if someone could read this for my friend! Untitled document-2.pdf
  4. Still reply although they given incorrect details when initially stopped. Thank you quick response too. Really appreciate it He would also like to put in a complaint about the officer in question as he was rude, racist and intimidating. He has his badge number.
  5. Hi all, Friend stopped by plain clothes TFL officer on Sunday. Received the letter on Monday. Freedom pass misuse was a one off occurrence and of course would not do this again. The letter was received by parent at their address. This is not their address and has not been for over 7 years. When living there they were a teen. Since then they have lived at 2 other addresses. What would be their next steps? Shall they ignore that this has happened or contact TFL and fess up? They would really appreciate any help and advice that can be offered. Really scary time for them. Regards,
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