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  1. After sending another email reiterating my mitigating circumstances and offering to pay the evaded fares and their investigating costs, TFL have agreed to settle OOC. This is a huge relief, I’ve learnt my lesson and certainly won’t be doing it again. It wouldn’t have been possible without the advice from previous posts on this platform. In regards to my mum’s freedom pass - is there any chance she can get it back?
  2. Hi, I was cautioned by a revenue inspector for using my mum's freedom pass. I have used it multiple times and the court summons letter includes 70 journeys of misuse - whilst this is more than I actually used, from reading previous threads I've gathered it is best to plead guilty and accept the charges rather than dispute this. When the initial letter arrived detailing the offence and the possibility of prosecution, I submitted my mitigating circumstances letter which was carefully drafted with the help of previous posts, including the relevant documents to prove my circumstances. TFL responded saying they received my comments and will take them into consideration. I believe this was unsuccessful as I have now received a court summons with a date for next month outlining the sum of the fares avoided as well as a court application for costs involved with investigating the case. The letter leaves me with 3 options: - Plead guilty in advance by post - Attend court as requested and enter guilty plea in person - Pleading not guilty (I won't be doing this) I am torn between option 1 and 2 - I have read that settling in person on the day can be successful, however on the other hand I'm slightly worried about attending court as my income and savings are above average (£40k salary and 40k in savings) and because of that I'm worried they may make an example out of me in person. Which is the best option? Until the hearing, I am still attempting to settle by sending another email as well as calling the TFL prosecutor, but since it is only a month away I know they may not even reply by then and I was wondering if it would be acceptable to contact the prosecutor on LinkedIn and attempt to settle there? I know what I did was wrong, I have learnt from it and purchased a travel card since. I am attempting to settle to avoid a prosecution which would result in me losing my job. My family heavily relies on my income and we are already behind on rent with a notice of eviction if we fall further behind which a prosecution would guarantee. I have explained and documented all of this in my letter to TFL. Is there anything else I can do?
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