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  1. The problems started in September. On 8 October I received an email via the 1st Choice website about engine repair for £2500. I called him Mr Jack Wilkinson and we set details about engine issues(cambelt broken, engine doesn’t start), price(£2500) and time. On 15 October I took the car to the garage a week later I picked it up but the price of the service increased from £2500 to £4500. The reason given was that he used original volvo parts, and I have a 2 years warranty with no mileage limit. I took the car from the garage after a few days I saw that the engine was leaking oil (ALOT) Only after a month he fixed the problem. On 7th April 2021 the car engine stopped suddenly while I driving. I tried to start it but without any results. I opened the bonnet and I check the engine where I saw that some belts where not as it should be. They seemed broken. I called him and next day I send the car back to garage. Since then I have no clear information about the situation. First he told me that the repairs were covered under warranty, then that they were not, then that they were partial. After that he started with excuses that he can't find parts, that there is a lot of work. His attitude became very arrogant. I tried to inform him in a letter about my dissatisfaction but the address is not the one he tell me. I would like to inform him that I want to take the car from him on 01/07/2022 (BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO SEND THE LETTER) to take it to another garage and go to court for recovery of expenses. How can I inform him? How can I start an official complaint? Thankyou!
  2. HI guys! Who can help me with this Mr. Jack/169uk/autoesentials/ ECU Solutions? I would like to start a complaint and I don't know how. Any information is welcome. Thank you.
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