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  1. Thanks for your reply, we returned home to find the lock tampered with and it had been broken into. Our alarm system had gone off and we have the log of which systems within the house had been triggered showing they had been in the house. There was a letter left from a supposed bailiff addressed to a complete different property. The letter said they had been acting on behalf of SSE energy company. Our home and street are clearly signed, we have no idea how they have managed to mistake our home for the other property! SSE told us not to call the police and they would get back to us within 48 hours, no explanation or apology. We contacted the police anyway and got a crime number. Thanks
  2. Bailiffs have broken into and entered the wrong address on behalf of SSE energy company. They have left a warrant for a completely different occupant, house number and street name. We have contacted police and SSE directly however SSE have been shockingly blasé about the fact men illegally broke into our home at their instruction while we weren't there. Our house number and street name are clearly posted. Who can we contact to pursue this further?
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