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  1. No, I wasn’t. I did not know about the ccj because I had moved house and was not aware the loan had passed to Erudio as I was abroad 2012 to 2014. I have no record of it at all but see that it is on my credit report now. do I need to get to a SAR to Erudio and student loans as well As calling northants
  2. Okay, thank you . Drysden already know my address so I will phone Northampton tomorrow to get details of the claim. How do you record the call using an iPhone ?
  3. Hello I am another person who is being fleeced by Drysden fairfax and under threat of bailiffs. Student loans from 98 and 00 which I deferred until I moved abroad in 2014 told student loans company about move abroad .. didn’t hear anything until letter in sept 2021 saying that ccj to old address in November 2020. do I now contact Northampton and student loans to see when I last paid then contact Drysden with set aside notice and then apply to get it set aside? last communication from Drysden dated 6th May and received yesterday saying they were going to apply for warrant of control. Does anyone have template for set aside application please i have tried to read other threads but my head is spinning trying to figure out the process thanks in advance
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