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  1. Update The bank have stopped the direct debit and the £9.99 has been refunded. Thanks again
  2. Sorry if wrong place but hope you can help. Just noticed a direct debit taken from my bank account for £9.99 from weprotectid. I didn’t ever sign up for this. I remember applying for a loan in desperation and reluctantly gave my bank details for it to be paid (but never got the loan was rejected) but know for sure I never consented to signing up for a free trial because I hate the way you have to cancel them. Since then I’ve had hundreds of emails and texts from loan companies which I ignore because after a while I realised they were useless offers, but didn’t properly notice weprotectid and thinking it was just junk mail, in all honesty I try not open things `I don’t recognise. It would have reminded me if I knew I had signed up that I needed to cancel so in my mind sure I didn’t. I emailed hoping they would offer a refund but the messages I have received back are adamant they won’t be refunding me. I have searched on here and can’t find anything. They said they have all messages sent to me logged and I challenged and said but you will also see I haven’t opened them. The direct debit (I opened the email today) said it would take the money on 20th May but nothing came out the bank until 17th June. They have now cancelled the account and direct debit but refuse a refund. I emailed the complaints department but it seems if I want to complain I have to email the complaints department? Is there anything I can do.
  3. DX I’m still processing and hear the advice and thanks for taking time to advise the best way forward from here. Do you know if the Scotland debts are more likely to try for court (based on my situation of no improvement for 6 months at least, offering £1 for now and defaulting everything not already defaulted) or pretty much handled no different to E&W. Especially with the SB being different does it make then tougher on the debtor is what I mean. I’ve heard they have a sheriff here. BT Thanks for the pointers on the road ahead, it’s reassuring to hear you’ve recently been there, I’ll definitely keep reading up and will hang around CAG. Hope your journey is going well for you, you sound confident with the way it’s going. Definitely a relief. Been going round in circles, doing my head in the last weeks with a plan of action I’d made, then realised it was slowly going wrong. Yea, I forgot to say, I’ve seen my credit file, it’s very poor, with missed payments, no defaults. Really appreciate your help. A big thank you to you all. SF
  4. Thanks DX, I think I follow now, thanks for the advice and clarification. Yes, my partners debts were all taken out while we lived in England. All mine were taken out since living in Scotland, but Capital One and Fluid were within the first 3 months of being a resident in Scotland. SF
  5. @dx100ukHi DX and thanks for your help Is it just E&W that don’t be bothered to go to court or Scotland too? Is being in Scotland meaning it will be worse for me re: court action or similar to E&W. When you say “rock and a hard place sadly you be, the only thing you have going for you is time”, I’m not entirely sure I’m grasping the context. Just want to make sure I get it and why so don’t make any mistakes. So if a debt was E&W and with DCA, can I send a SB letter even when I’ve been paying it recently? @Badtimes123Thanks for all the info and guidance on the correct way to move forward, plus the info on AP markers, I take that on board. Thanks for all your help and for going through each debt like you did, really appreciate that. I’ll get prepared for the forest of letters and will keep it organised and filed separately. So it looks like the answer definitely is to default and stop trying to maintain each debt. Sounds good in a strange way. Thanks again SF
  6. That’s brilliant thanks for all the info, enjoy your evening. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense about the F&F, definitely something worth considering to lower the amount of communications to deal with. It’s good to know that newer debts can also be missing the documents needed, sounds more hopeful. Thank you
  7. Hi Yorky and BT Thanks for the reassuring advice. I’m in Scotland Yorky, so factor is just the management company but I think it’s one of the priority bills you mentioned but not entirely sure. I take on board though that I should stop using the cards so maybe paying them off to use isn’t the best plan. Also, I think I’ve offered more than I should have trying to keep the OCs happy rather than what is affordable. Probably made a few errors of judgment and got a bit confused too. My wife doesn’t have an income. Offering £1 rather than maintaining them sounds a good way forward. Starling and Monzo have put an arrangement in place but I can still use the account, they said they wouldn’t ever take more from the overdraft than the agreed amount. So I’m a bit confused that I’ve offered pro rata but not getting defaulted and instead getting arrangements to pay and keeping the accounts open. I thought doing a CCA on a new debt (from 2021) with a DCA would be easy for them to get the agreement, that is interesting if you know any more, this is another reason why I was trying to do it the way I was but I feel like I’m drowning rather than getting anywhere but feels so close at the same time to making it through. Do you mean paying full and final on a credit card for £100 for example, pay it in full or offer a percentage. Just a bit unsure on that, I’ll have more of a good read on the forum. It’s good to see other perspectives on it, I think I’ve got really stuck and just have stopped going anywhere focussed and need to get back on track. I think the usual moral dilemma is playing a part too especially as some of the original creditors have been quite understanding. Others haven’t as much. Thanks again
  8. I’m looking for some guidance please. I’ve been reading up but am stuck on what I should do and going round in circles now. Trying to manage my own DMP and making a mess of it I think. My income is £1015 per month Essential outgoings: factor fee £93 pet insurance £81 (giant breed so quite costly) TV licence £13.37 Groceries for 3 adults and giant breed dog £309 Council Tax £111 Internet £36 Electric £59 No water/gas/car Public transport £30 Gifts £15 Mobiles £6 Debt to family £42 Saving £0 Leftover £220 (for creditors) Actual Original Total Due to Creditors £600 (pro rata started) So I’ve started negotiating pro rata payments while still trying to keep credit cards going for future emergencies (they are maxed now but if I can pay them down it releases credit for me to have as a back Up) It’s all getting worse, I’m struggling, I have depression, my wife has depression and is unwell. Interest on 3 cards is over £100 so not really paying anything off. I’ve negotiated pro rata on some and I think I’ve gone in too high because I’m really struggling with it, I forgot that when they ask for income expenses they don’t take into account that the factor bill is 3 monthly and therefore I need £279 by May 31st and not £93 as budgeted so already in trouble for month 2. Partner debts: Starling bank overdraft: £400, 2019. Pro rata £14 arrangement to pay, no default. Tesco Credit Card: £100 started 1/12/2019; defaulted 7/10/20 £5 mth Virgin Credit Card: £2700 started 14/5/18; defaulted 30/3/21 £5 mth Marks and Spencer Credit Card: £850 started 18/10/19; defaulted 13/1/21 £5 mth Nationwide Credit Card: £1500 started 30/4/19; defaulted 28/12/20 £5 mth Barclaycard CC: £1400 (PRA group purchased it) started 25/8/18; defaulted 16/7/20 £5 mth. Aqua Credit Card: £3900 (now with Cabot Financial) started 3/12/18; defaulted 12/11/20 £5mth Aqua Loan: £1700 (now with Link Financial) started 28/9/19; defaulted 2/2/2021 £5 mth My Debts: Monzo Loan: £1900 October 2021 – permanent pro rata £39 agreed, not defaulted Likely Loans: £1500 December 2021 – temp £14 pro rata, not defaulted Monzo overdraft: varies up to £750 - temp £10 pro rata Monzo Flex: £900 December 2021 – temp £11 pro rata Fluid Credit Card: £1500 July 2021 (on a holiday until August) £0 Capital One Credit Card: £700 £40 mth (up to date) Amazon Credit card: £2450 November 2021 £75 mth (up to date) Next: £56 December 2021, £5 mth (up to date) My dilemma is I can’t pay the factor bill and have maxed my cards. I wonder about going on a payment holiday with Amazon and Capital One and then negotiate pro rata using a part of the £220 left for creditors in time, so keeping the pro rata proportional. In August my Fluid holiday ends and they want £80. I’m not getting hassled by any creditors and prefer an option that keeps it that way but last night seriously thought should I stop paying all of some of them. Thanks Stuckfast
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