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  1. Okay I'll leave it alone then. I really do appreciate both of you giving advice etc. Hopefully you'll be able to get them in court and beat them soon. For anyone that comes across this in future for a similar issue with Amazon, this is how I got them to refund. Simply ask when you'll be refunded, you don't necessarily have to mention that it's been lost if that hasn't been confirmed yet by evri. They will then ask when it was sent back and ask for proof that you've sent it, do all of this as requested. When it gets to the end of the 14 working day refund window then remind them it's been 14 days and you still haven't received your refund. They'll ask you to send them an email with basic details like where was it dropped off and when etc, after this they should reply saying you'll honour the refund. Should they say well since you've sent it not using their return label and can't help, therefore you'll have to deal with it through evri, remind them as mentioned above by bankfodder that you used their return address label and followed their instructions, therefore there is liablity with them.
  2. I have an update. Amazon have refunded me. Evri have only just responded to the claim offering the postage back and as expected they wriggling out of the rest. They claim my item was on the prohibited list for containing resin, despit it not containing or being made from any resin. They are full blown clowns. In principle it's annoyed me and I feel I should still follow through with a claim and if successful of course I would then send back the refund from Amazon. Any options here? I feel a successful court claim would be helpful to so many people.
  3. Okay good to know. I'll come back once they reply to the claim form.
  4. I used someone else's letter of claim as a template, obviously the blank bits will be filled with personal info etc. I'll wait for their reply in regards to the claim form. After that is when I send them the letter? This seems really overwhelming after reading through a lot of the info. Letter of claim draft.pdf
  5. Is it worth trying to convince them to honour the claim early on. For example if I replied the the email with "I have submitted my claim via your claim form link. I am aware of how this process goes after seeking advice. I feel evri will not offer me the value of my item and will offer a small amount, I will reject this smaller amount. After this I will take it to court. During mediation sessions before any court hearing evri will likely offer a slightly higher amount but still not the value of my item, I will of course reject anything lower than its value. After the mediation sessions still before court in past cases evri has then offered the full value of the item, because in the event it did go to court and I succeed in my claim that would set a precedent for many others to claim, hence the reason it rarely gets all the way to court. Lets save all this hassle as any court costs will be added to the claim. Regards, " Wondering mostly if it could hurt the claim. If not, however futile it might be I'd rather try.
  6. Hi, just had confirmation that my parcel is lost from evri. I was speaking to Tracey and Matthew via email. On 20th May Tracey told my that the parcel was still in the depot, and after this on the 22nd Matthew told me he will request the return of the parcel to me after I requested this. However today Tracey has emailed me telling me that "despite an extensive investigation, we have not been able to locate your parcel." They have gave me a link to a claim form. I'll complete this and await their offer of £20+postage. Once I decline their offer what's the next step in the process, if you don't mind advising me.
  7. I will try to deal with it through Amazon for now. I didn't even think at the time to get a prepaid label, only afterwards I realised I could have done this, that's the reason for considering the cost.
  8. It was bought on the 1st May, and I think it was delivered next day. It thinking it recommend options for EVRi, royal mail and I think one other but I can't remember, so yes I chose this one thinking royal mail would have been very expensive.
  9. I requested the return as I felt it wasn't working quit right right. The option selected was something like faulty/defective. They accepted the return and gave me the label with their return address on it. In hindsight I should of made them give me a prepaid label but I just wanted it retuned.
  10. I've retuned a 3d printer to amazon on the 11th May, they did not give me a prepaid label, only a label with the return address. On the 15th it said on the tracking "We're sorry, your parcel has been delayed. We're working to get it on its way on the next working day and we'll let you know once it's out for delivery" I felt as soon as I saw this that it was probably lost or stolen as this printers value varies between about 530-560, I did declare the value as £559 as that was the amazon listing price at the time, although I would have received about £499 as a refund due to a voucher. I cannot call as my tracking number isn't being accepted by the automated thing, similar on the chat, it gives me the delayed message then asked if I want to track another parcel. I emailed the ceo and of course it was referred to others, basically what they're saying is there's a problem with packages going to amazon and they've said to wait, but now how long to wait. They've also said I should contact amazon for them to deal with it but there's no liability with amazon as far as I know because they didn't arrange the return, they only gave an address label. -I did not buy the insurance as I already thought legally it wasn't needed -It's not on the prohibited item list -It was packaged properly in it's original box Maybe I'm being impatient but amazon have limited return windows and with everything I've read I'm not exactly feeling optimistic about my parcel still having a chance at being delivered. I'd greatly appreciate any advice or guidance. Thanks.
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