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  1. She has taken all the paperwork for the house and is going to a solicitor to try and make me sell so I am here for information to where I stand as I don't want to pay out on a solicitor unless needed and I just needed to clarify where I stand, it's been 50/50 on mortgage except one month where I had changed my job,
  2. It is a joint tenancy There's no arrangement both don't want to sell but both want to keep Mortgage is 50/50, but ex put a larger deposit if that counts? Thank you
  3. Hi Just need to find out information, non married couple separated with joint mortgage, I've been told I have to buy my ex partner out or she will buy me out, I can't afford to do this and I do not want to sell, she also put a larger deposit down if this counts? We both still live there and neither of us has left the property and still live there! Could I get as much help and information as possible please! I have read non of us have a legal obligation to leave or sell the house! Thank you
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