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  1. Oops , not sure what I did there. Not to worry. All good. They didn’t help directly. It’s just Erudio rules of conduct are governed by the FCA and they are duty bound to reply to complaints within three days. So advisable to use their complaint procedures rather than emailing their customer service. Become a pain in their ass and ( assuming you occupy a reasonable position) you’ll more likely get what you want. Well, it worked for me.
  2. Sorry, meant the FCA Financial Conduct Authority.
  3. Went down the old complaint route. They’re legally obliged ( FSA) to resolve it within three days or provide you with written confirmation by post. If not resolved after certain amount of time you can avail yourself of Ombudsman. They’re also legally obliged to retain the information you provided to them. A sternly worded but polite complaint outlining my situation seems to have done the trick. Two business days later, account deferred and arrears removed. Roll on September. 25 year anniversary. have a good one
  4. Cheers, if they don’t play ball perhaps I’ll cancel DD. Out a few hundred quid. Same position. Used ombudsman ( free) lots of times for insurance companies, contractors etc. Won each time. I’m all good here .
  5. Dude, I appreciate the earnest advice, but It’s all good. I’ll keep you posted.
  6. I may have given permission at some point. Erudio took over some time ago now and I’ve had a fair bit of correspondence from them.. Either way it won’t really resolve this current issue. Deferment and my right to defer will still have to be dealt with. I’ve had no problems up to this point. I think better to deal as is rather than cancel DD ( rightly or not) and give them reasons to imply I deliberately opted for default. Plus I can’t be asked to deal with debt collectors ( rightly or not appointed ) turning up like a bad penny trying to squeeze me for money I don’t owe them. I’d rather deal with it, even if it is on their terms. I think The clarity of their wrong doing is more easily exposed this way. But again, thanks for taking the time to reply.
  7. My deferment is on record with their portal. I’ve received no reply. I have a chain of evidence. Any payment ( if indeed it is taken….it hasn’t been yet) will be unlawful. As I’ve said they’ve taken no money and although they’ve detailed arrears the next contractual amount to be taken on 10/06 is still currently 0.0 pounds. I’m guessing delays are causing some bottleneck with paper work. As I understand it you are obliged to provide DD details? Mine have not changed since original loan. I’m not going to cancel DD at this point. I’ll prove the error is theirs. Easy in my case, with a robust volume of evidence. As I said will not muddy waters at this point until I’ve heard back vis a vis deferment. They’re not going to nullify my 25 year write off. But thanks again for your input.
  8. They haven’t taken any money yet, despite the arrears showing. Cancelling my DD is not advisable. That will just muddy the issue. I’d rather let them take it and than deal with them, rather than putting myself in default ( whether it’s due to their oversight or not). Thanks, but I think I’ll try and contact directly. and then ombudsman.
  9. Yes, and it’s clearly evident in online portal as I said and evident in my bank under direct debits ( although not currently active)
  10. Thanks for replying. All details are on the portal. Completed deferment form, bank and contact details etc. I uploaded a P60 as evidence after filling in deferment form via portal. . So should have everything they need.
  11. I’m still waiting for them to process my deferment paperwork. Account showing arrears. Should have deferred me on 19 May. I submitted my paperwork electronically via portal on 5 April. Not taken anything yet, but I have a new collection date of 10 June. any answers appreciated . Curious that this is happening on 25th anniversary of first loan. Never previously had problems deferring. I’m well below the threshold.
  12. How long did it take for them to process your deferment paperwork? Erudio not processing deferral paperwork on time - **RESOLVED ERUDIO ADMITTED MISTAKE** - Student loans/SLC - Consumer Action Group I’m still waiting for mine. Account showing arrears. Should have deferred me on 19 May. I submitted my paperwork electronically via portal on 5 April. Not taken anything yet, but I have a new collection date of 10 June. any answers appreciated
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