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  1. since this seems to be "the place" for discussing, reporting and getting a hug after being sent a message from CJCH here comes mine! I have what I think is correctly translated to "sole trader business" ie. I have registered a company name, only employee etc. but I think this is why they targeted me. I got the first mail from CJCH at the beginning of the week, google translated (i would guess) into Swedish that I had unlawfully used the software, after throwing some laws on me and even a EU directive. I did what every sane person does when something like this happens and Googled it and that's how I ended up here, read all the recommendations to just ignore them so I did. Today I got the second mail, this time not from CJCH but from 3ds.com and they claim that the compensation will be €29,039 I mean that's way more then I get in a year of my dayjob! Or ofc. sign an subscription for the equivalent amount. Read the so called report, it lists 1 machine with 3 different mac-addresses (none that I have in my network) and a start date at 21/11/2019 brother-in-law was living with us then for about a year, maybe he did something like that I have no idea. I know, I know, just ignore them... Just afraid that since they have by small business address etc. they wont let it go that easy. Someone just give me a virtual hug ans tell me they'll go away if I ignore them PS. it feels a lot like the scare tactics that was on the rise earlier for downloading movies from the internet. Pay up or else... Not a single case went further then that in Sweden, ever... [email protected]_20220519_130139.pdf
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