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  1. Hi I bought a car from a trader We Sell Any Auto in Preston. They told me it came with warranty gold assist to assure me I'd be covered if anything was to go wrong. I noticed issues straight away and told them they said to go through warranty. Turns out the headgasket and timing chain had gone. Warranty won't pay out because full service history wasn't provided by the trader. Trader won't pay to have it repaired or accept car back. They have made a loophole in selling vehicles. They are a limited company stating they sell used vehicles but they sell on behalf of clients and use the private sales declaration as a way of escaping the comeback, they have loads for sale and the car I bought had been sitting around for several months probably on their forecourt. Can anyone with any insight in car law read through the private sales declaration (but I can't attach it to this form) but its stated that I can't take them to court as it's under private sales agreement. Citizens advice say that as he is a trader limited company then the private sale loophole is not valid and he is liable but I need a solicitors viewpoint. I am on universal credit and do not have funds to pay a solicitor to fight my case but I'm just wondering if this could go through to court. This has been going on since November and I haven't been able to use this car. It was paid in full. Many thanks for your help
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