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  1. My partner knew I was using their staff pass. It was a stupid but collective decision. I just want a better understanding how severe the repercussions could be for the both of us individually. We are aware my partner could lose their job, but could my partner get a Fraud charge?
  2. Thank you for the responses, I understand how stating my partner knew I was using the card will effect my partner. But how will it effect me? Will saying that my partner didn't know I took it, guarantee the Fraudulent charge, am I more likely to get this Fraud charge anyway?
  3. Thank you in advance for whoever reads and replies to this post, I was caught using my partners Staff oyster card, I had been using it for several months. I was sent the letter from TFL which I admitted to the offence, I have apologised and I am trying my best to settle this outside of court. But my question is, if I state my partner didn't know I used the card how will this effect MY possible charge? Will this escalate it straight to Fraud or is it likely I will get that charge anyway? What will be the difference in my charge if I state whether my partner did or didn't know I was using their staff pass? Also what are the possible out comes for my partner, what should my partner do now and how much would it help my partner if I said I used it without my partner knowing?
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