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  1. Went to the branch today. They told me they had to send an email to a team with a reference to see if I’m eligible for the funds. Feel like I’m being messed around. Having to wait and go back another day as they said it takes 24 hours...
  2. That’s correct. I will update if i actually get the money back from the branch
  3. Got a letter dated from 2 days ago. The money was returned but the account is closed. I’m having to go to the branch to get the funds
  4. That’s the time frame the person on the phone said it normally takes
  5. Coming up to the 14th day (10th working day). Was told around 10 working days so let’s see what happens
  6. Hoping i get the funds back, really dont care about the account - they can close it all they want.
  7. Someone contacted me after my letter. They said it usually takes 10 working days and its likely i get the funds back but not 100%. He said its part of the legal regs
  8. Did they put your accounts to -500,000? So you got your money back within a week of sending the letter?
  9. Thanks for this. Did you have to pay to post it? From the date (28th feb) what date did you get the money back? Did you get any phone call or email stating your account was unlocked or did you just attempt to log on one day?
  10. What sort of thing did you put on your letter? I know you briefly mentioned earlier. Did you send the letter to here? E14 5HP
  11. I’ve raised a complaint on the phone. Do you think I should send a letter?
  12. how long did it take to get the money back? did they give it to you in cash?
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