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  1. Ah thanks BankFooder, I've added it to my index page and added it to my witness sceleton. Is there anything I have to add? Should I send the paper over via mail to EVRi or is it enough to send it to the email adress which was provided by EVRi solicitor in their defense? Again your help is much appreciated EVRI SKELETON-2.pdf
  2. Hello BankFodder, I've downloaded relevant parts of the consumer rights acts and saved them. I created a table and numbered all of them. I filled out the sceleton template with those numbers where XX was written and filled out any other information. One last thing though: at the end at point 26 there is a sentence: "Finally, I have included at the end of my court bundle, page xx, a non-exhaustive list of reasons as to why the Defendant’s insurance requirement is unfair" How can I made this "non-exhaustive list" of reasons? Thanks again for your help! EVRI SKELETON-1.pdf
  3. I'm really sorry for all the inconvenience I've caused. Your help is much appreciated. Here is the witness report I've written.Witness Sceleton.pdf It's a long text. Thanks for reading it.
  4. Hello BankFodder, I'm battling with depression and I couldn't motivate myself to write up the statement and collect all the papers. I've done that now and I've wrote the index file too. I will drop it off at the court later today and I was planning to send it via email to EVRi today and send it via next day delivery today too just to be sure. I thought that would be enough?
  5. Hello BankFodder, thanks for looking into that issue for me, I really appreciate it! The deadline was in the court order. Court Order.pdf
  6. Hello Bankfodder, here are there 2 PDFs. Other than the court order I received after the claim response I haven't received anything else. I wrote the witness statement now and have a few pictures and receipes. How should I deliver them to EVRi? Claim.pdf 263MC773-claim-response.pdf
  7. Hello everybody, long story short EVRi delivered my parcel with its item stolen. It was insured, they denied my insurance claim and I send them a money claim and answered that with a shitty answer. They didn't bother with mediation and I received a court order where I was ordered to send a witness report to the judge and to the other side. The deadline is Tuesday 4pm. I can leave it in person at the court but I can't go to Leeds to deliver it in person. When I send it with first class next day delivery tomorrow morning it will arrive on wednesday according to this: https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part06#6.26 How can I make sure that EVRi gets the witness statement in time? Can I send the witness statement via email to the email adress of the solicitor who answered in the defendants response? doodoo I should've taken care sooner of this but it was such a disappointing doodoo show there is not much fight in me left Any advice much appreciated x
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