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  1. Thank you, will do! It was only one attempted use, at the time I was working close to home so rarely used my card, now I’ve been located elsewhere and buy a weekly ticket. PP
  2. Date of incident: 04/01/2022 Date of report of offence: 05/01/2022 Date letter received: 08/01/2022 Date new freedom card received: 11/01/2022 anything else needed feel free to ask PP
  3. Evening, A while back I was caught using my family members freedom pass, I had picked up the card in the early morning in my sleepy state and got on the tube thinking nothing off it, ticket inspector came on I scanned the card and when I was asked for the card to be inspected I had noticed what had happened. I started to panic as this not something I had intended to do and in my panicked state I gave the details of my family member who's card it had belonged. They took the card and the details and said a letter would be sent. In the mean time I had reported the card lost, the next day i received a letter saying my family member was reported for an offence on TfL. In the letter there is no specific offence stated but the date the report was done. The letter seems to be a generic letter asking for my family member to plead guilty or not guilty. My anxiety had sparked again so I urgently found a solicitor. Had a brief meeting with them and explained the situation, long story short was told not to reply to the letter. Since the letter I have not heard anything from TfL but wanted to clear some things up. In the next couple of days the replacement card had come and it was used a normal by my family member. 1) From the date of the initial letter, how long does TfL have to send their first letter saying that the process is being progressed by TfL. 2) If I am identified within this period, could I be held responsible for listening to my solicitors advice? 3) And because I have gone off this advice would a OOS even be a possibility? Apologies for the long post but any thoughts would be appreciated. PP
  4. I hope this gets sorted, I have had a similar experience and I'm on the tail end of things, just wanted to ask a few questions but wasn't sure if it warrants a whole post or if i could directly message dx or honey bee! Apolpgies if this is the incorrect line of comms and feel free to delete my post if appropriate. Cheers
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