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  1. Hi all. I am new to the forum, please accept my apologies if I am not posting in the right section or there is already a similar topic. I purchased a hair dryer from QVC, that was sold out nationwide, for £450. I did not receive an order confirmation initially (like most retailers do) and contacted customer support. The hair dryer was supposed to be a gift and as I did not get as well notification or update when it will be shipped, so I decided to return, as I found a better option somewhere else. One mistake from my side - I did not read the small font saying that if the item is over £200 I have to select a different shipping partner, I clicked on the first available (EVRi at the time), printed the label and send the parcel via EVRi, with a tracking number. As the amount is not small I have been tracking the progress and at some point it showed "returned to the retailer". After that I contacted QVC customer service to check when they will issue me with a refund and they advised that I need to wait 14 days for them to confirm. After that I contacted them on several occasions and in the meantime EVRi became Evri. I had to explain to each agent the whole story, attach the returns label and screen shot from EVRi tracking website, that it is showing "returned to retailer" on 22/03 at 12:00. So if the goods are under £200 and lost they will return the money? When I type the tracking number from EVRi, that is now equal to Evri in Evri's tracking website it says that the number must be 16 digits and mine is 8? After the numerous email and letters I started complaints procedure. The lady who I liaise with is extremely rude, she keeps on repeating to contact Evri, although the courier company is their partner for free returns. She keeps on saying that if the goods are over £200 and not received they will not process a refund. My question is : is there any chance that I receive my refund and also state that communication was lost and ineffective? I must say that I have never had to deal with such a bad "customer" NOT focused retailer, who never provides you with updates without being chased? Every advise will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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