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  1. I need to sit down and read @dx100uk. Will surely do a thorough research before I go to courts. I know those details are essential to be able to present myself well. I have read time and again. Sometimes English not being the first language, makes it harder to understand. Sometimes digging up the forum for the bits that are relevant is not easy.
  2. Thanks @FTMDave. the guidance says “ no” for private parking tickets. Are we saying “ no” to mediation because PE would definitely want me to pay up in full/ part ? Or is there any other reason that I am missing out please?
  3. Does anyone know the email to which I need to send DQ180? The website gives physical address. Since MCOl does not reflect I have submitted my DQ180, I need to resend via email. thanks in advance.
  4. @dx100uk how can I use that piece of information? Can I say it’s two different places and hence it does not apply?
  5. Stay Lifted on 02/10/2023 DQ sent to you on 02/10/2023 DQ filed by claimant on 02/10/2023 This is what MCOL says. I sent DQ by post on 19/10/23. First class , two copies , one to courts and other to claimant.
  6. I haven’t heard anything from them since sending back DQ questionnaire. The MCOL website still doesn’t reflect that I have filed my response. Should I do anything?
  7. I tried looking at council website. But no clue as to where to look it up. does “private parking restrictions “ come up as separate entity? how would saying signage was different in 2022 help me? Unless the parking permission said 3 hours?
  8. Here is the response from PE, also the latest signage, which says maximum parking time of 3 hours. sure @dx100uk. I just typed something in a hurry to ensure I was doing it right . will correct the spellings before I post It off . If not for the support on the forum and directions from here, I would be a nervous wreck . esp if you see the 20 page document !! newPE signage.pdf PE response.pdf
  9. Here is the online copy . hope its fine. when can I expect to go to courts and when do I need to file my defence statement please ? Got a few points marked out from your comments earlier on the threads also from others cases by reading up here and there. Still have some questions as above. DQ N180.pdf
  10. Yes spot @dx100uk. I am technologically paralysed. So some times I get my son to do scan documents. That’s what I am waiting to do. meanwhile I will sent my DQ to them. in the DQ I say “ no” to mediation ,there is a place to sign . Now as above you have asked me not to sign . So shall I just write my name there? And I have requested the court to be held closer to my home. Dose that sound ok??
  11. I did write again, but declined to cancel the pcn in the name of “ antisocial behaviour “
  12. This is the response from the management of the retail park “ Apologies for the delay in coming back to you. I needed to check with our Facilities Manager, what the exact parking restrictions are. You will see below a photo of the signage, where it clearly shows that at 17:00 on Sunday the maximum stay is 45 minutes. This is to prevent anti-social behaviour and at that time only KFC and McDonalds are open. When the other tenants are open there is a maximum of 3 hours. “.
  13. I have the picture of the 3 hour change . Need to sit down and post it. They did respond . But as some of you pointed out earlier, it probably was too late for them to intervene once £35 was paid by PE towards court fees. So they said they couldn’t do much. will fill up the DQ and post it. I have a few doubts.
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