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  1. Not sure why not given it's a free hit but each to their own I suppose
  2. You sure about that? It's run by the Ombudsman Services according to a search and yes, I've won them all with POPLA /images/bitmap/ombudsman-share-image.png Parking on Private Land Appeals [POPLA] Complaints Ombudsman: See if We Can Help WWW.OMBUDSMAN-SERVICES.ORG Do you have a complaint with Parking on Private Land Appeals [POPLA] that you haven't been able to resolve? We're here...
  3. Minimum 10 mins on entry to read and accept proposed terms, minimum 10 mins on completion of parking event to enter vehicle and exit safely. BPA stipulates minimum only as it may take you longer than others due personal circumstances. The British Parking Association (BPA) Code of Practice (Code of Practice)Section 13.3 “Where a parking location is one where a limited period of parking is permitted, or where drivers contract to park for a defined period and pay for that service in advance (Pay & Display), this would be considered as a parking event and a Grace Period of at least 10 minutes must be added to the end of a parking event before you issue a PCN” Appealed to POPLA and got them cancelled for various reasons
  4. Got five of these won them all. Easy job Never tell them you were the driver and all the burden of proof falls squarely with them. Check grace periods (minimum 20 mins), ask for photos from the site of entrance, exit signs and other warning signs. Check lighting as well to see how easy signs can be in dark, especially if yours was at night all these things will check to see if they are BPA compliant
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