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  1. Perhaps what i should have asked was has anyone received a court summons after all the threats, even if from the retailer rather than rlp.
  2. Hi all I see a lot of people advising that RLP wont ever actually take you to court, what I'm wondering is: Is this legit advice from someone who's been there or just people sharing theories? Have YOU ever been taken to court by RLP? Do they really do it? . I am in receipt of, what is now my second letter and now threatening court action. Honestly, I don't care if RLP keep writing me hostile letters. What I care about is the potential for CCJ's and or debt collector, because I don't want any negative affects on my credit report. I've spent the last 6 years living under the dark cloud of a debt relief order and really don't need any more hits to my credit rating. That said, I literally do not have the money they are demanding. If I had such money, obviously I would not have stolen in the first place, but as all goods were fully recovered in saleable condition, I don't really feel like the demand of nearly £200 is fair or necessary. I know it's a deterrent, but I am sufficiently deterred already. The original value of goods was about £50. So, did RLP take you to court? If you received a summons from them I'd really love to hear all about it. Many thanks.
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